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Speed up iTunes search speed Apps
Here's another one of those simple yet useful hints. If you, like me, have suffered from slow searches (we're talking slow here, as in one-character-per-second-slow) in iTunes, make sure that the browsing panes (artist, album and optionally genre) are hidden. On my G4 Cube with 450MB of RAM, a search for 'johnny cash' (picking 122 out of 7500 tracks) takes 9.5 seconds with the browsing pane open. The same search takes only 3.7 seconds with the browsing panel hidden.

[robg adds: On a faster machine, the effect of the browsing panel isn't obvious on the speed of the search results -- it seems to take about the same amount of time either way. But what is noticeable is the delay when typing if the browsing panel is open; there's a definite delay between characters appearing in the search box as I type if I have the browse panel open.]
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Speed up iTunes search speed
Authored by: whit_g on Oct 10, '05 11:34:19AM

Very effective on my machine (PB G4 1.25)! This is exactly what I was looking for. I use that feature every day and am pissed off every time I use it that Apple didn't include the option, even a hidden option, to delay Spotlight-type searches until you stop typing for X tenths of a second. Who on earth is going to search for, say, the letter A? Ridiculous. It amazes me that Apple threw so much weight and press behind Spotlight and didn't even polish it up properly before releasing it.

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Speed up iTunes search speed
Authored by: masonbrown on Oct 10, '05 04:44:02PM

I too have a Powerbook G4 1.25GHz, and try as I might can't reproduce the problem you (both) are describing. Whether I type fast or slow, one letter at a time or a whole word, browsing panel open or not, I have the results within less than half a second after I've entered the text.

So I don't think that Apple didn't polish Spotlight before shipping it, I just think that there may be something else interfering with your system that's keeping it from running at top speed.

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Number of songs
Authored by: dave1212 on Oct 11, '05 05:20:10AM

I noticed a bit of a difference as well, it seems a bit more responsive to typing when the browser panes are closed.

The reason some may not have an issue is the number of songs in their library.

Myself, I'm up to 17,849 songs. (1844 artists) That could have something to do with why iTunes' search field is less responsive.

As well, I tend to use some custom tags in the comments field, like 'canada', 'live', and 'cover' that allow me to have more interesting smart playlists. I know that 'the more smart playlists, the slower the overall iTunes performance', but they're just too handy.

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