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Create speakable bookmarks in Safari Web Browsers
For those who don't know, Safari's speech library contains the very useful 'Make This Page Speakable' command. Since I visit a few websites often, I use that command to create "voice bookmarks," and this works nicely. You just have to say the name you assigned to the site, and voila, there you go! Give it a try, you may be simply stunned!

[robg adds: To make this work, you'll need to visit the Speech System Preferences panel, and turn on Speakable Items. Once that's done, use Safari to visit the website you'd like to voice bookmark, hold down the Speech recognition key (Escape, unless you changed it), and then say Make this page speakable. When you do so, and the command is recognized, a dialog will pop-up, asking you for what to say to activate the current page. Enter a short, memorable and easy-to-pronounce phrase for the page you're visiting ( is "the news," for instance) and click OK. From now on, you can load that page by simply holding the speech recognition key and speaking your phrase. This works in both 10.3 and 10.4.

Unfortunately, since I usually have iTunes playing all the time, voice recognition isn't of much use. What should happen, I think, is that iTunes should mute its output as long as the speech regonition key is pressed. If that were the case, I would probably use speech regonition at least occasionally for key web pages and other apps such as Address Book.]
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Create speakable bookmarks in Safari
Authored by: piyayo on Oct 03, '05 10:21:40AM

I'd love to try this. I succesfully calibrated my microphone but nothing I say will be recognized because both the speech commands window and the speakable items folder are empty! I remember there used to be stuff in there in previous systems, any ideas?

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Create speakable bookmarks in Safari
Authored by: piyayo on Oct 03, '05 12:04:14PM

ok solved. this is explained a couple of hints from this one by robg, thanks.
works perfectly, but it's not very useful when you have to hold down a key first. Ill leave it to always listen and see.

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Create speakable bookmarks in Safari
Authored by: on Oct 03, '05 06:53:57PM


I had that same problem this morning after reading the posting about speakable items. ... I went and removed some second source preference panes, and everything came back after a restart. ... As of now, I forget what I removed, because they were deleted as soon as I saw speakable items working again.


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Create speakable bookmarks in Safari
Authored by: jazzmaniac on Oct 06, '05 02:28:48PM

Seems like such a cool hint that I'd love to try it. Unfortunately, when I press esc. and say "Make this page speakable" the phrase is recognized and repeated back to me, but no dialogue box opens for me to rename the command. Very frustrating. Using 10.3.9.

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