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Use an extended Swiss French keyboard template System
Among the few people who use the Swiss French Keyboard, some might be interested in an Extended Swiss French keyboard that behaves like a Swiss French Keyboard, but can also input Greek letters, characters with the macron accent, and letters and numbers with a circle around them.

The explanation on how to install it is in French. If there are people out there who use a Swiss French Keyboard but who don't speak French, they should send me mail so that (a) I can invite them for a beer, I really would like to meet such people, and (b) I can translate the explanation for them :-).

[robg adds: Today seems to be the day for very specialized tips; if you think this one's for a small group of users, check out the next one as well!]
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Use an extended Swiss French keyboard template
Authored by: mantei on Sep 29, '05 12:35:19PM

A word of explanation for anyone wondering why Switzerland might need special keyboard layouts: The keyboards have special keys for both German and French, two of our national languages (along with Italian and Romansh). My Swiss-German keyboard has the letters a, e, and o with umlaut for writing in German, and, as "shifted" keys, further special characters for French (accent grave, accent aigu, etc.).

Ned Mantei
Dept. of Cell Biology
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

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Use an extended Swiss French keyboard template
Authored by: gshenaut on Sep 29, '05 04:45:32PM
You might be interested in trying out the standard "US Extended" keyboard. It is similar, but more limited. It does macrons with opt-a to produce, for example, ō ; it does the little circle with opt-k, å ; and it does the slashed o with opt-o, ø. It also does all the European characters plus a few additional punctuation marks. Compared to the extended Swiss-French keyboard in the hint, it is more limited in the scope of the little o—only vowels (including y & w) can be so marked. There is no automatic Greek mode, and the only slashed character is ø. Like extended Swiss-French, it can produce brazillions of accented characters, including ĝ, ǧ, and ğ.

The easiest way to explore it is to use the "Keyboard Viewer".

By the way, it appears that if you want to see the characters instead of hex codes in maxosx hints, you need to enable "HTML formatted" mode.


Greg Shenaut

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Use an extended Swiss French keyboard template
Authored by: supermoquette on Sep 30, '05 02:59:47AM

I misread the article and I directly open a beer.

Swiss french powa !

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Use an extended Swiss French keyboard template
Authored by: wiesmann on Sep 30, '05 05:13:17AM

Actually, you are welcome to pass by for a beer (there are a few in the Fridge) Only problem is, I am currently in Japan.

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