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Turn on rulers by default in Pages' templates Apps
If you, like me, are trying desparately to switch from Microsoft Office to iWork, you may miss the rulers on the edge of the screen in Pages. I found that the ruler on/off setting is stored in the document file itself (which I think is a little odd, but whatever). So when you save a file with rulers on or off, the next time you open that file, the rulers will be in that same state. If, however, you are like me and you like rulers, you have to turn them on every time you use choose the Blank (or any other) template, usually by pressing Command-R. This becomes a pain after awhile, so I've come up with a solution: edit the Blank template.

But where are these templates, the ones that come with Pages, stored? Like any good Mac OS X application, they are in the application bundle. Navigate to Pages, which is usually found in /Applications -> iWork -> Select Pages, control-click on it, and select "View Application Contents" from the pop-up menu. In the new window that opens, navigate into Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj (replace with your language of choice) -> Templates.

Now we have two folders, ISO and Traditional. I have no idea which one the program uses, so we will modify both. You may want to experiment, and see which one is used, and when. If you do, post a comment on your results. Open both the folders ISO and Traditional. In each, open the folder Blank. Now we have found the .template files to modify. But wait -- there's one more thing we need to do.

Copy the blank.template file from the ISO subfolder to your Desktop. We do this because most applications cannot save files inside applications, at least not easily. Double-click the file on your Desktop to open it, press Command-R to turn rulers on, save the file (File: Save as Template), close it, and move it back into the folder. Do the same with the blank.template file in the Traditional folder.

Any other templates that you use all the time and wish to modify will take the same process. Also, now you can insert your own templates and make them appear as defaults.

[robg adds: While this works, I think a better solution is to use Pages' built-in method for customizing the templates: simply open a template, make the changes you wish to make to it (rulers, object positioning, whatever), and then select File: Save as Template. The default save location is the "My Templates" folder (buried in your user's Library -> Application Support -> iWork -> Pages folder). Anything saved here will show up in the "My Templates" section of Pages' new file dialog box. The downside to my solution is that you won't be able to simply hit Return to choose the modified system-version of the Blank template; you'll have to either scroll to the end of the list, or click the My Templates entry in the list on the left, then select your modified template. The upside is that you aren't modifying the actual files that are part of the application.

Also note that modifying the file as shown here will change its ownership -- the template files are owned by the system (read & write), in the admin group (read and write) with others having read only access. Change the ownership back after editing if such things concern you.]
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Turn on rulers by default in Pages' templates
Authored by: atl on Sep 28, '05 07:13:18AM

Note that "Traditional" is for US-centric page sizes ("Letter", 8.5" x 11"), while "ISO" is for the international page sizes ("A4", 210mm x 297mm).

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Turn on rulers by default in Pages' templates
Authored by: herbs on Sep 29, '05 11:35:29AM


As an addendum...

If you always want to use the custom template by default you can set that in Pages->Preferences. That's what I do and as I continue to modify the template for my needs (adding styles, etc.) I just do a save as Template with the same name as my default.

Good Luck,
Herb Schulz

Good Luck,
Herb Schulz

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Turn on rulers by default in Pages' templates
Authored by: azxplorer on Sep 29, '05 03:16:54PM

This hint works for all of the View Functions. e.g. Rulers, Styles drawer, Layout, Thumbnails.

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