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Make Photoshop and Xsan work together OS X Server
Do you use Xsan and Photoshop? If so, you may have seen this error message:
Could not save as "image.tif" because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered.
To keep Xsan and Photoshop happy together, go to Photoshop's Preferences and choose File Handling. Under File Saving Options, select Image Previews and then choose Never Save.

I believe the error occurs because the Xsan filesystem just doesn't like all the resource fork data that Photoshop saves with images when the image preview is turned on. I was absolutely pulling my hair out until I figured this out.

[robg adds: I can't verify either the problem or the solution for this one...]
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Works fine
Authored by: UCMacGuru on Sep 22, '05 08:43:27PM

I cannot reproduce this behavior with our XSan. We have a 4TByte XSan volume that I mounted via AFP and via SMB. I was able to successfully save a Photoshop file to the XSan volume with both Photoshop CS and Photoshop 7. (I don't have CS2 yet). I also used DeRez, found in the Apple developer tools, to make sure the file did indeed have a resource fork.

It is true that the XSan file system doesn't support file metadata like Spotlight uses but that doesn't seem to effect resource forks.

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Works fine
Authored by: lolopb on Sep 26, '05 02:59:00AM

Normal, you add a layer (AFP or SMB) to the test which takes care of the resources for you.

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Make Photoshop and Xsan work together
Authored by: -McG- on Sep 23, '05 03:15:47AM

We have a similar issue at work, but on the PC side. Users can't save directly to their home directory from within Photoshop. They can save to the local temp directory, then copy over to their home dir...just not save directly. It only appears to apply to Photoshop. Seems to have something to do with Windows 2003 in a cluster setup with FC-attached storage, ala an XSAN environment. I'll have to give this a shot tomorrow...

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Make Photoshop and Xsan work together
Authored by: deanmcg on Nov 29, '05 08:48:58PM

This problem is not isolated to Photoshop. Our Photo department were unable to open, modify and save files directly to the XSan volume even though they could save locally and copy the files to the XSan volume without issue.

To solve this problem you can change the "everyone" permission to rw and the problem goes away.

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