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Use a Xerox Workcentre PE 16 with OS X System
Recently I had to configure a 17" Aluminum PowerBook and a Xerox Workcentre PE 16. That multifunction laser monochrome printer is not supported by MacOS X, but I tried all the same.... and no glue for that, until I went on the Samsung webpage and noticed their SCX-4216F printer. This machine is the same as the PE 16.

So I downloaded the lastest drivers from Samsung's download centre (drivers for Tiger too), installed the drivers on the PowerBook (running 10.3.4), connected the printer and when I selected the printer ... tada! It automatically selected the Samsung driver, so I clicked on OK and started printing. Everything was OK!

But it doesn't end here: even the Lexmark X215 MPF has the same chassis as the Xerox and Samsung. Yet, on Lexmark's website there are no Mac OS X drivers, but Samsung's drivers work just the same. I hope this hint will help others...
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Authored by: reidjazz on Sep 13, '05 11:15:46AM
I have been trying to find a driver that will connect to a Canon FaxPhone L75, but to no avail (only a Windoze driver available from Canon...and 3 years old at that!). Anyone have any ideas on this?

"When you're finished learning, you're finished."

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Authored by: bvdecicco on Sep 13, '05 12:15:17PM

I know this could go on forever, but is there an equivilent to this printer from another manufacturer? I didn't realize printers were so inbread.

Samsung didn't have a Tiger driver. I found a CUPS driver but the output isn't all that spectacular.

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Authored by: dragos on Oct 04, '05 06:19:57AM

Try Samsung german site ( It has much more drivers than the .com one. This is the place where i have found macos drivers for my scx 4216F model.

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Authored by: moritzh on Sep 13, '05 01:12:15PM

Didn't read the whole hint and the other posts really carefully, so I don't know if this would have helped in those cases, but is an excellent resource which has helped me to set up a printer for which there are no Mac OS X drivers.

In my case it was a Kyocera FS-1500 which is not a postscript printer and only has a parallel port. So the first thing was to get a parallel-to-USB converter cable. The packaging and the accompanying driver CD obviously only promised compatibility with Windows and didn't mention OS X, but in good faith that attaching almost anything to a USB port of a Mac would work out of the box without additional drivers (and with the assurance of the store that I could return the rather pricy cable (20 EUR) in case it wouldn't work), I just bought it. And it worked!

Beforehand, I had generated the appropriate PPD file from and installed foomatic-RIP from there which is required for that to work. I did that a while ago, so I can't remember the exact details. I remember having to retry a few times because there were some problems with my ghostscript installation I think. Part of the problem was also that I did not yet have the converter cable at that time so testing/debugging was a bit hard without the ability to actually connect the printer... :)

Anyway, just wanted to point out that is an excellent resource for making older printers (or printers for which there is no native driver from the manufacturer) work. Why? Because thanks to CUPS etc. there are big similarities between printing on Mac and Linux and thanks to LInux (not yet) being supported well enough by many manufacturers and the creativity and technical skills of some Linux folks, they are almost forced to come up with solutions on their own which Mac OS X users can profit from! :-)

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Use a Xerox Workcentre PE 16 with OS X
Authored by: levonk on Oct 06, '05 11:34:22PM

I searched the Samsung site for the driver. They only have drivers for Windows and Linux. Does the Linux driver work for OS X?

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Links to the drivers
Authored by: cett1 on Dec 14, '05 06:47:44AM
I've recieved many massages that the drivers are no longer listed on Samsung's american site. However, the link where I downloaded them, are already active, here they are:

Tiger version (last version, and on the site it says the driver works for all OS X version from 10.2.8 to 10.4.x)

For MacOS 10.1 and 10.2

For MacOS 10.3

And for the dear and old MacOS 9

Also, those drivers are available on German Samsung's support site:

Samsung German's Support Site

In addition, here are the instructions to successfully install the multifunction printer:

1) Delete all Lexmark-Xerox-Samsung printer from Printer Setup Utility window.

2) Shut down your mac.

- very important step: the printer must be switched on when your mac boots up -

3) Turn on the printer and connect it to your Mac.Then turn on your Mac.

4) Open Printer Setup Utility and Add a printer, selecting USB from the pop-up menu.

5) The Lexmark X215-Samsung 4216F-Xerox PE16 should appear on the browser, and, that was what happened to me, automatically where selected the samsung driver: the string next to "printer model" pop-up menu (or similar, I'm italian and have the italian language) automatically selected "the samsung 2.5" - or similar - voice. If not, select it by yourself.

6) Click on add and the printer should be configured

Can anyone say if the printer, as I instally this driver on a printer that was not of mine, works as a scanner too ?

Regards, Cett1

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Use a Xerox Workcentre PE 16 with OS X
Authored by: kakayo on Jul 15, '06 06:05:51PM

Success, yeah. I have a hackintosh running 10.4.7 and my printer server is wifi and it works a off a network that run on a wifi router, the printer is infact the xerox pe16, I could get it to run, and after some reading specially this page, I got it to work. I moved out all my printer files from the printer folder, then I mounted the dmg and ran the installer, then went to the add a printer window and entered the ip and the queue, and chose LPD, line printer daemon, and finished, tried out a document and it fired it right away. success. thanks for the information which helped fix my printer problem. keep up the good work.

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Use a Xerox Workcentre PE 16 with OS X
Authored by: vk on Nov 23, '07 01:43:00AM

Confirmed to work on 10.5. Thanks a lot!

Just install drivers, add the printer, choose the driver (no reboot is needed)

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