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Using an iPod Shuffle as a USB stick System
I was a bit annoyed by the way Apple handles the iPod Shuffle. This previous hint works if you only have one or two Macs, but if you want to use the Shuffle to put a combo update on it and run it on several machines, it's not really useful -- especially when your main iTunes library is at home. iTunes 5 doesn´t change the way it works, so here is my very simple trick:

Put a little disk image on the iPod shuffle. When you go to another machine, wait until iTunes comes up and asks you if it should control the Shuffle. Ignore the dialog, switch to the Finder, and mount the image from the iPod Shuffle. Go back to iTunes and answer the dialog by saying "No." After that, the Shuffle disappears and then reappears on the desktop -- because the Finder can't unmount a volume as long as there is a mounted disk image on it.

Now you can quit iTunes, unmount the disk image, and your Shuffle is a simple USB stick. This is a bit more work than the previous hint, but it works on any mac without losing your songs.

[robg adds: This other hint explains another way to easily use a Shuffle in disk mode...]
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Am I missing something?
Authored by: terceiro on Sep 12, '05 10:49:43AM

Am I missing something here? I simply have unchecked the "Open iTunes when this iPod is attached" on my "base" machine (and kept checked the "Enable disk use"), and then I use my shuffle in any number of machines as a straight USB flash drive without problems. I copy files to and fro with abandon, and I listen to my (unharmed) music any time it's not plugged into a machine.

There must be a good reason to mess with mounting and unmounting a disk image, but it isn't clear from the hint above. What would you do for Windows machines? Maybe I'm just lucky, but for me it just works.

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Am I missing something?
Authored by: iroiro on Sep 12, '05 03:01:27PM

Yeah, "it just works" for me too. I guess the author "missed" the easy way to do it. Just untick the "Open ipod when itunes is open" and tick "enable disk use" - then it basically just acts like a USB stick.

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Am I missing something?
Authored by: balthisar on Sep 12, '05 10:08:29PM

It really is a good hint. I used my Shuffle with my PowerBook at home, but have iTunes installed on my work XP machine. If you insert a Shuffle on such a machine, iTunes starts. At that point, you can't minimize iTunes or get it out of the way until you dismiss the dialogue box asking you if you want to associate the Shuffle with iTunes on that computer. Once you say NO, iTunes unmounts the Shuffle. The ONLY WAY to use the preference to not start iTunes is with the Shuffle mounted in iTunes, which you don't want to do. Actually, I had to suffer that one day, i.e., erase my shuffle at work to set the stupid preference.

--Jim (me)

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Using an iPod Shuffle as a USB stick
Authored by: wmertens on Sep 12, '05 04:53:35PM
Not only can you just enable the disk use, but you can also use this terminal trick if you're that way inclined:

cd /Volumes/<Your Shuffle Name>/
That will make the Shuffle be in use as well, and you don't need to mount disk images for it.

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Using an iPod Shuffle as a USB stick
Authored by: alexrs on Sep 20, '05 08:38:01PM

I just found an ingenious but simpler method:

In the authorized computer:
Just drag files to the iPod Shuffle using Finder

In other computers:
1. Open iTunes
2. Open Preferences
3. Plug the Ipod Shuffle into the USB port
4. Just drag files in and out. While the Preferences panel in iTunes is open it will not ask you if you want to move your playlist to the iPod Shuffle
5. When you're done just close the Preferences panel, answer "No" to the question about the playlists and unplug the iPod Shuffle

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