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Restore lost podcasts after iTunes 5 update Apps
I updated to iTunes 5.0 as soon as I heard about it. Then I booted up my new iTunes, to be told that my Music library had to be recreated for some reason. I thought nothing of it, until I went to the Podcasts list - nothing! I had collected quite a large list of podcasts, only most of which I could remember, and now they were gone!

Or were they? I went to the iTunes Music directory in my ~/Music folder, and found the Podcasts directory. All of the .mp3 files were there. Not only that, but when I dragged the individual folders present in the Podcasts directory onto my iTunes Podcasts window, it recognized the podcasts, and I was able to re-subscribe without any more effort!

Hope this helps somebody out there!
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Restore lost podcasts after iTunes 5 update
Authored by: silicondiode on Sep 12, '05 05:18:42PM

the problem is keeping them subscribed. i've let iTunes 5 repeatedly "import" my iTunes Music Library.xml when iTunes starts and every single time the podcasts go missing. i have repeatedly dropped them back in and resubscribed. upon restarting iTunes 5 - the cycle restarts yet again. i've added and resubscribed in bunches as well, 3 or 4 or 5 podcasts at a time and that seems alright. i'll get about 20-25 podcasts reimported and subscribed without an issue. beyond that iTunes insists on reimporting the library every startup.

the other intersting thing is that after all of that "Podcast" shows up as a category (like "Complilations") in the Artist list.

there's lots of talk going on in the Apple Discussion groups @ re: working around the problem and i've heard Adam Curry himself comment on the problem on 2005.09.12's DSC.

i suspect this has something to do with subscribing to a podcast and removing shows from the listings to prevent them from downloading again. if anyone else has figured out a way to make iTunes 5 play nice with 13000+ songs and 40 or so podcast subscriptions please let the rest of us know.

BeOS Refugee

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Songs also lost after iTunes 5 update
Authored by: macrett on Sep 13, '05 08:37:07AM

After installing iTunes 5 I found many "!" symbols next to entries, indicating (I think) that the database entry had become divorced from the actual file. Your hint saved me. Just wanted to let people know more than podcasts are affected this way. Recovery is tedious, but it works! Search in the Finder for artist or album name, then drag the file to the iTunes Library.

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Authored by: maxnacht on Aug 29, '12 03:16:30PM

I thought I had lost them (podcasts) then with the drag and drop of the files:MAGIC et Voilą they are all there THANKS

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