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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings System 10.4
Tiger only hintThis hint along with this comment are evidence that I'm not the only one who wishes the slideshow navigation panel wasn't always there.

You can adjust the amount of time that the panel is displayed before it dissolves by changing the values in /System -> Library -> PrivateFrameworks -> Slideshow.framework -> Versions -> A -> Resources -> You'll need your administrator's password to edit the file. The section you're interested in is down the bottom:

The longDelay is the delay before the panel starts to fade once it has been used in some way (i.e. if you've moved the mouse over the panel or clicked a button or press a key). The shortDelay is the amount of time it takes to fade if you move the mouse off of the panel.

Alternatively, if you don't want to see the panel at all, set the fadingTime to 0, and then back up and delete the images whose names begin with "Slideshow..." from that same directory. Once again, you'll need an admin password. Be careful; you probably want to leave the wheel graphics and MissingSlideIcon.tif in there.

There are also a bunch of other values in the file that can be edited to change the timing for transitions, amongst other things.
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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: stevebr on Sep 08, '05 01:30:36PM

Preview apparently uses the slideshow framework for its full screen mode now. I've made changes as you suggested and they are applied to Preview. This is pretty handy for reading PDFs in full screen -- gets the navigation overlay out of the way by the time you've read through to the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Slightly off topic... Preview's use of a slideshow for PDFs instead of the old (10.3) full screen mode is something of a nuisance in another way: unless you're speed reader, you have to immediately pause the slideshow after going into full screen to read an eBook.

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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: matthewroth on Sep 08, '05 02:32:00PM

Just wanted to say thanks. I have been trying to find a way to modify slideshow since the release of tiger. You are the man.

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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: JKT on Sep 08, '05 04:34:24PM

Blimey, I never even knew Preview had a slideshow mode until you made me go and look! Thanks.

Wrt the original hint, I've just tried editing the to try and increase the number of images displayed in the index sheet, but it doesn't appear to alter anything at all when you use the Finder slideshow feature (it is truly annoying that it is limited to just over a 100 images IMO... hopefully 10.4.3 will correct this idiocy). I find it curious that the values already entered indicate that it should have a maximum limit of 500...

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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: gmartin on Sep 08, '05 08:43:35PM

For PDF's in slide show mode you can just click anywhere on the background and the panel will go away, use the keyboard short cuts to navigate and the panel will not appear again as you move slide to slide. However this trick doesn't work if you do a slide show of a bunch of images dragged into Preview all at once, unfortunately it re-appears each time you change slide (using the keyboard).

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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: mono toto on Sep 08, '05 10:05:37PM
no problem. Yeah, actually I hardly ever invoke the slideshow via finder or preview. Instead I select the pictures I want with quicksilver and get it to start the slideshow. Slideshow settings are indeed universal, if only we could work out a way to make it start 'paused' by default. I guess you could set the transition time to a ridiculously large value if you never wanted to use the slideshow.

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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: wackazong on Sep 09, '05 04:07:06AM
Slightly off topic, but of interest to the concerned, I think: What use is a slideshow preview for pictures if I cannot send them to the trash while looking at them. At the moment I am taking handwritten notes (imagine that) for knowing what to delete later.... Any ideas how to integrate a "move to the trash" feature to the slideshow? THX, ALEXander

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deleting images while viewing in preview
Authored by: piyayo on Sep 09, '05 03:49:44PM

I don't know about in slideshow, but open all the images, in preferences set for them to open on a different window each, watch them all with expose, select the one you want deleted hilite it bring it to front hit command + delete, and repeat as needed. The image closes and goes directly to the trash.

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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: osxpounder on Sep 12, '05 06:16:51PM

wackazong, you're right. I actually never tried it, and assumed that's what the 'X' icon in the navigation overlay was for! Hmm, what a shame.

I guess I'll be doing in Tiger what I'm doing so far in Panther [still haven't migrated my real work to Tiger yet]: use a column view, and look at the preview column. Use arrow keys to go up/down the list of files, and Apple-Delete the ones I want to trash. If dragging to resize the preview column actually made image previews larger, that'd be nice, but for now, I do without, or use Photoshop's image browser.


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10.4: Modify the slideshow navigation panel's settings
Authored by: e235 on Sep 15, '05 03:59:30PM

If you use something like GraphicConverter to increase the file preview sizes then changing the size of the preview column will change the size of the preview. This can be done easily for a number of files using GC's browser, but it can drastically increase the size of your files.

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