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10.4: Change the 'Starting Mac OS X...' text System 10.4
Tiger only hintWith the release of Tiger, the window that reads "Starting Mac OS X..." (which appears just before the login window) has been changed to a "fake" window (see this hint). This window no longer shows what is actually happening, it just has generic text that is now possible to change, if you are willing to enable the root account (this can be done by opening NetInfo Manager, which is located in Utilities, and visiting the Security menu).

Once you've enabled the root account, browse to /System -> Library -> CoreServices -> Resources. There will be a number of different folders for different languages. Choose the one that your system uses when it boots up (probably English.lproj). If you have the Xcode Developer Tools installed, just open the file called SystemStarterUI.strings. Otherwise, it should be possible to edit it in TextEdit.

On the second line, it should say:
 "SYSTEM_STARTING_MESSAGE" = "Starting Mac OS X..."; 
Where it says "Starting Mac OS X...," put in your own message (leave the quotation marks around your message). I wouldn't reccomend putting in anything strange like nothing at all, paragraphs of text, weird symbols, etc. (although I honestly haven't experimented with all the possible things you could put in there), but you can try.

After you've done your edits, save the file, log out of root, disable root if you want, and then restart your Mac. When it boots, the text that goes along with the progress bar should say your personalised message instead of "Starting Mac OS X..."

[robg adds: You do not need to enable nor login as root to edit this file. Instead, simply drag it to your desktop -- OS X will create a copy, since you don't have the rights to move the file. Open the copy on your desktop, make the edits, and save the file. When you're done, quit the editor, and drag the file back to its original location. OS X will ask you to authenticate (provide your admin password), and then ask if you want to overwrite the file. Say yes, and you're done. You should probably keep an unedited copy around, too, just in case...]
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Or use System Preferences add-on
Authored by: keaka on Sep 06, '05 02:04:39PM
You can also change the startup text (and make other OS X customizations) using Visage:


Sanity Software:

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10.4: Change the 'Starting Mac OS X...' text
Authored by: nat1on on Sep 06, '05 03:33:28PM

Ahh... shameless self-promotion :)

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10.4: Change the 'Starting Mac OS X...' text
Authored by: squirri on Sep 06, '05 05:17:03PM

But very cool(oh dear, I'm SO sad!)

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Huh? NO need to use root!
Authored by: Lectrick on Sep 06, '05 05:44:39PM

I'm pretty sure (at least the latest) OS X will automatically try to authenticate you as an admin user whenever you try to do something outside your normal permissions... which would include saving a file owned by root. So why not just do "Go to Folder..." in the Finder, enter:


(or whatever your language is)

and then open SystemStarterUI.strings right there with TextEdit? It will try to authenticate you either when you open it or when you save it, but I'm pretty sure that would work.

You could also duplicate the original version as a backup in that directory (authenticating if requested).

Also, if you were to follow the original hint and copy a file back into that directory (owned by root) that was on your Desktop, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't get the correct permissions. If you edit it in-place, it should keep whatever permissions it had. Who still logs in as root?!?!? That should be completely unnecessary.

In /dev/null, no one can hear you scream

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10.4: Change the 'Starting Mac OS X...' text
Authored by: Tomnibus on Sep 08, '05 02:08:37PM
Mine is set to.
Are you sure you want to do this?
hee hee

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10.4: Change the 'Starting Mac OS X...' text
Authored by: Githon on Sep 09, '05 12:43:59PM

"Starting Windows Vista"


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10.4: Change the 'Starting Mac OS X...' text
Authored by: inspired_tmu on Sep 22, '05 02:03:23AM

'Transmitting auto-destruct sequence...'

And on my laptop (to deter casual thieves):
'Transmitting GPS coordinates to tracking server...'

The progress bar only serves to double the fun :)

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10.4: Change the 'Starting Mac OS X...' text
Authored by: silverdr on Sep 16, '05 05:29:56PM

Great! Just one thing: One doesn't have to enable root account to do that...

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