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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7 Apps
Once again, Roxio is using Photoshop files as the base for its DVD menu themes in Toast Titanium 7. Unlike Toast 6, Toast 7 has multiple themes, and your additions will appear in the menu just by creating them in the right folder. They can be located by control-clicking the Toast application in the Finder, choosing Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu, and navigating to Contents -> Resources -> Toast DVD Menu Styles.

Start by creating a duplicate of an existing theme for a template. Then, rename it and open up Photoshop and start looking through the layer folders to see what you can customize. The layers are well named, which makes them easy to find and manipulate. Some important notes:
  • Background layer: This is the layer you want to start with. This will be the background for every menu choice throughout your DVD menus.

  • Main Menu folder: Within the Main Menu folder, there are many subfolders. Each one relates to the menu Toast uses depending on how many clips you will be burning on your DVD ("Layout 2" for two clips, "Layout 4" for three or four clips, and so on). There are also layouts for albums, artists, and songs, which are for the music DVDs that Toast can burn (I haven't tested these). One addition from Toast 6 is the Preview layer, which Toast uses to display a preview of the theme -- so you'll want to make a copy of your completed theme and replace this layer, too.
I haven't tested this too much -- I would assume that you may run into trouble adding or moving layers around. I also haven't made a full-fledged conversion. Generally speaking, I burn DVD compilations of TV dramas, so I don't have a use for more than one or two clips at the moment.

Finally, one shortcoming that I have yet to solve: Although Toast automatically recognizes that there is an additional theme available, and initially shows the correct filename, once you click on the theme, it reverts to the name of the theme you used as your model (in my case, Adventure). While not a big deal, I'd rather not have the same name over and over in the list. If someone figures this out, please post!
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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7
Authored by: Nordby on Sep 01, '05 02:44:41PM

You can fix the duplication of menu names bug you mentioned by changing the Document Title under /File/File_Info within Photoshop.

Thanks for the hint BTW

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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7
Authored by: stonemtn on Sep 02, '05 09:20:47PM

Excellent, thank you!

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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7
Authored by: douglsmith on Dec 27, '05 01:43:13PM

Also note that you can put your custom themes into a folder at

/Library/Application Support/Roxio/Toast DVD Menu Styles/

(or the same path within your home folder) and Toast will find them there. This is much better than adding them to the folder inside the Toast application, which would be overwritten when you upgrade Toast.

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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7
Authored by: bobgoulder on Jan 21, '06 11:42:53AM

I am very very new to this so please bear with me on this issue. What version of Photoshop? I have 7.0 on a Mac and when I open up an existing dvd menu style it says that some layers are corrupt and need to be updated etc. I assume you create your own folder under /Roxio/?


Bob G

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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7
Authored by: paulhagstrom on Feb 11, '06 07:55:47PM

From what I understand, the Toast menu styles rely on a layer grouping feature that was only introduced with Photoshop 8, so it won't work with Photoshop 7, unfortunately.

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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7
Authored by: seven58o on Mar 09, '06 07:28:26AM

Layout 2 is for 2 and 3 clips (it puts the 3rd on the second page)
Layout 4 is for 4 and 5 clips.

i found this out after spending a good hour editing Layout 4 for 3 clips to find no change after 3 hours of encoding. If you decide to move the buttons and text around (i hate the little frames next to each track so i deleted them) make sure you keep the Frame Select box and move and resize it to your text so you can see what you're selecting.

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Photoshop Elements 4?
Authored by: gopher on Apr 04, '06 05:41:08AM

Since Photoshop 7 won't do it, I wonder if Photoshop Elements 4 will? Anybody try to edit Toast 7 menus with that?

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Photoshop Elements 4?
Authored by: inviscid on Jul 22, '06 01:26:34PM

I tried editing in PE4 and it doesn't work. PE4 doesn't support editing layer groups: the only thing you can do with them is simplify them.

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Create custom menu styles in Toast 7
Authored by: sangren on Aug 20, '06 01:01:23PM

Just to follow up on changing the document title. In order for Toast to update it, it has to be changed not only in document title in Photoshop, but also the identifier needs to be changed as well. This is provided in the Toast 7 style guide. Great hint!

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