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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X Network
I bought a Belkin ADSL modem and 802.11g router which came bundled with a USB wireless dongle. I wanted to use it with my iBook, which would take an original AirPort card, but why waste what I already have? After much searching and trying many possible solutions and modifiying countless plist files, I stumbled across a forum with a link to a driver download page for a list of wireless cards, and includes a driver for OS X 10.4 -- scroll down to the Mac section and find the USB driver for 10.4. This link (492KB) should download the current driver, dated August 28, 2005. There are drivers for 10.3 there as well.

I installed it and it worked the first time -- although I did need to switch off Tx Burst mode in the Advanced settings, and turn off IP6 in the Network System Preference. Enjoy!
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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X
Authored by: MichaelBuckley on Aug 31, '05 10:53:02AM

I've set a few of these up for older iBooks as well. I've never really liked them as an adequate wireless solution however. These are the equivalent of cheap Windows PCI wireless cards, and as such do not always work well on atypical network setups. For example, at work we have a network that doesn't broadcast an SSID, and I had quite a time getting this dongle to recognize the network. Sometimes it would be as easy as setting up Airport to do the same thing (Just type in the SSID and hit "OK), sometimes I had to fiddle with settings.

The bottom line is that these things work well enough for typical network settings, but the software that controls them was written at minimal cost. It does not use the built-in Airport software, and is less robust. So if you're connecting to anything besides the most typical WiFi setups, you will probably have to fiddle with it a lot.

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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X
Authored by: rspress on Aug 31, '05 10:35:54PM

Has anyone tried the USB drivers with a Linksys 802.11G USB adapter? I have a 6Mbps cable connection and a linksys 54G router. My eMac uses the old 802.11b Airport card and the connection is maxing out when I am surfing the net. I would like to add 802.11G speed to the Mac but the only way to do it would be a 54G wireless ethernet bridge which they are charging over a 100 bucks for. The USB adapters would be the way to go. If not has anyone used cheaper Ethernet bridges to a 54g speeds to their 802.11b Macs?

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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X
Authored by: Synchro on Sep 02, '05 08:21:59AM

I've been using a D-Link DWL-122 (802.11b) with an iMac DV SE. As far as I'm aware it's the only wireless USB dongle that officially works on OS X. Having said the, the drivers are very buggy, and D-Link have a long history of not giving a stuff on this subject. I've been looking into various options so I though I'd get one of these Belkin dongles and give this driver a shot. The software is certainly better than D-Link's, and it gets much better reception - I'm getting 65% at 54Mbits where I was lucky to get 50% with the D-Link.

Another big bonus - it supports WPA-PSK and it works!

I didn't have trouble with the IPv6 and burst mode (which was turned off by default anyway) issues mentioned, but I left them off. The software is a bit confusing as it always forgets the PSK or WEP key when you open the prefs, but it seems it does actually remember it.
Overall, performance is a bit odd - it seems to have really bad latency - nothing will happen for 10 sec, then suddenly everything comes through at once. Actual transfer rate seems high enough, but the latency spoils it. Seems to vary though - I just tried logging in via file sharing and it connected instantly, transferred 5Mb in a few sec, then just stopped - now I've got a 'server disconnected' error. I guess you might call this a mixed review...
Oh yes, and when changing adaptor, don't forget to update your router's MAC address permission table...

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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X
Authored by: h.barlow1 on Jan 12, '06 02:15:17AM

HI wondering if you can tell me which model number Belkin dongle worked. I have been trying for so long now to get my mac wireless so that my boyfriend can play on x-box live downstairs using a wireless modem but I think he needs to be pluged into it via the ethernet port as to make the x-box wireless costs a fortune . im really confused about it all as now this super fast broadband is available we are thinking should we have a dongle and router that supports this. Does the model you use??
Any advice you could give me about the best way to go about this really would be appreciated. Im clueless!!! PS tried netgear router works fine but none of thier dongles are mac compatible???

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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X
Authored by: wilse on Jan 18, '06 01:32:42AM

Hi all

I've just bought the belkin FD7050 (in the UK), I can't get this to work with either 10.3.9 or 10.4.4...
I'm using the driver here:

Should I be using a different software revision?


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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X
Authored by: dr_clive on Jan 18, '06 10:11:14AM

I have done the same, and it sort of works, but not very well. If you are more than a few feet from the router, it disconnects at random. I presume that you have the 3000uk model, or the Belkin driver should work.

I had the following comment from Belkin Technical Support:
"Clive, the driver for F5D7050 version 3000 is available. However, only F5D7050 Version 2000 is compatible with MAC OS 10.3 It is not compatible with the other version of MAC operating systems. F5D7050 Version 3000 is not recommended to be used in MAC operating system as it is not compatible with MAC. "

He then went on to suggest various things, including:
- However select any channel from 1 to 11 and leave it at the one that gives the best range.
- Change Wireless Mode to 54gLRS.
- Change Wireless Mode to Long Range Mixed.
- Change Wireless Mode to 54gLRS or Long Range Mixed.

Helped a bit, but not much. I hope Ralink will come up with a better driver in due course. In the meantime I'm going to use wire.

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Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X
Authored by: arasca on May 27, '08 03:38:17AM
There is an alternative wireless usb dongle for mac. you can get it from it is full compatible with any mac osx 10.3 and above. there is also wireless pci card for mac desktop and that is runing under OS X 10.3 and later. i got one each for my ibook laptop and g4 desktop

it is so easy to install and use
Hope this help

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