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Sort iCal 'to do' lists using multiple criteria Apps
I have been wanting to do this for a long time -- that is, sort to-dos first by calendars, then by due date, and then by priority. The pop-up menu at the top of the to-do list does not offer a way to do this. I've actually submitted feedback to Apple requesting this feature.

But there is a way to do so in the current version of iCal: Just cycle through each sort criterion in reverse order. So if you'd like to sort to-dos by calendar, by due date within calendar, and then by priority within same due date, here's how:

Choose "Sort by Priority" (iCal sorts by priority), then choose "Sort by Due Date" (iCal sorts by due date, maintaining the priority sorting within same dates), and finally choose "Sort by Calendar" (iCal sorts by calendars, maintaining the date and priority sorting within same calendars).

[robg adds: As far as I can tell, this feature isn't documented anywhere -- iCal's help only says "To automatically sort your To Do items by due date, calendar, priority, or name, choose an item from the pop-up menu next to the To Do heading at the top of the To Do list." I tested this with a number of phony to-do items, and it certainly seems to maintain the hierarchy as you change the sort order.]
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iChat behaves the same way
Authored by: nathannutter on Aug 30, '05 12:20:35PM

You can do the same thing in iChat.

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Sort iCal 'to do' lists using multiple criteria
Authored by: pairof9s on Aug 30, '05 09:31:52PM
It would seem that this begs for an AppleScript or Automator script, however, I cannot find any such elements in either application to address the code. This is mostly due to my limited knowledge of either.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Sort iCal 'to do' lists using multiple criteria
Authored by: jonbauman on Aug 31, '05 10:00:31AM

This will work with any sort of system that can be sorted by multiple criteria (files in the finder, email messages, etc.) provided that the sorting algorithm is "stable". All that means is that it is guaranteed to not exchange the positions of two equal items. For example merge sort is stable but quicksort is not.


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