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10.4: Keyboard usage tips when using Keychain Access Apps
Tiger only hintBecause of several sites (I'm looking at you, Chase) that use some major voodoo to prevent Safari from auto-completing passwords (even with the hack I found here), I need to access my random passwords regularly.

Once I launch Keychain Access, I use Command-F to search for a particular keychain item. Now, you would think that you could just hit Tab at that point to move the focus to the first found result. Unfortunately, you need to either use Shift-Tab, if you don't have full keyboard access enabled, or, believe it or not, four Shift-Tabs if you do.

Once the results area is selected, none of the menu items show you what keyboard shortcut will open a given keychain item. After holding down the Command key and pressing various keys, I discovered that Command-I works.

Not a very well thought out interface, but at least I now know how to move around it.
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Use Quicksilver to fill in passwords
Authored by: JwithiMacG5 on Aug 24, '05 11:42:47AM

You might want to try using Quicksilver to fill in the passwords for those pesky web sites. All I have to do is load the web site, call up Quicksilver with ctrl-space, type "k" for Keychain, forward-arrow into my login keychain, start typing the name of the password until it comes up, hit tab to select the Paste password action, and then hit return.

I'm not sure whether Quicksilver can also get the username, but in any case, you could save a separate username secure note in your keychain, and then Quicksilver could get that too.

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10.4: Keyboard usage tips when using Keychain Access
Authored by: jomy on Aug 24, '05 02:41:25PM

Thanks for drawing some attention to the lack of attention given to Keychain Access. I think this is one of the most important utilities that ships with the Mac OS and unfortunately has had very little thought put into it's usability.

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Keychain Access usability
Authored by: sjk on Aug 24, '05 08:08:28PM

At least there some noticeable improvement (IMHO) in 10.4 over previous versions.

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10.4: Keyboard usage tips when using Keychain Access
Authored by: jehrler on Aug 24, '05 08:08:31PM

Amen. Given the recent recommendations to keep a really good password in your wallet to allow you to access all your other really good/random passwords, it should be an important part of safe OS X surfing.

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