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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout Apps
Tiger only hintAfter upgrading to 10.4, it seems that you can't disable the "English" keyboard layout in the International System Preferences panel. This is very inconvenient for Logitech Keyboard users, because OS X seems to have its own mind about switching between "English" and "Logitech US/UK Intl" for input.

Until Apple or Logitech release a fix for this behaviour, you can remove the "English" keyboard layout by disabling (e.g. moving or renaming) the file named Roman.bundle in /System -> Library -> Keyboard Layouts. This should remove the "English" layout from the system, and allow you to use the Logitech Keyboard Layout as the sole input method.

[robg adds: I would strongly suggest renaming this file, not removing it, just in case. I prefer to never delete core parts of the OS, just in case something happens and you need the file again...]
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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: elc2004 on Aug 19, '05 12:25:10PM

This does not work for me. While it does indeed remove the British keyboard layout, the actual layout of Logitech Uk Int'l reverts back to the US/Apple layout, i.e. " and @ swapped etc.

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have you tried...
Authored by: lokon1979 on Aug 20, '05 05:03:17PM

"...OS X seems to have its own mind about switching..."
have you tried "use one input source in all documents", in system preferences -> international -> input menu?

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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: tyrannous on Aug 22, '05 01:27:30AM

can you explain the point to this hint?

I dont get it...

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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: ncollingridge on Aug 23, '05 04:28:59AM

The point of this hint IS explained in the hint. But maybe you need to experience the problem before you understand it.

To recap on the problem - if you have a Logitech UK keyboard it doesn't have the exact same layout as a standard Apple UK keyboard. The fix for that is to install the Logitech Control Center software which installs a new keyboard layout into the OS. The problem with this is that if you switch to using this layout, for some bizarre reason the OS insists on switching back to an Apple layout after a seemingly random period of time (for the life of me I can't work out what triggers this - it just seems to happen when it feels like it).

I have tried disabling the non-Logitech layouts in the International->Input menu pane of SysPrefs, but you are not able to disable them all - there has to be at least one Apple-supplied layout enabled. This is the one that the OS switches back to, whichever one you leave enabled. I have also tried fiddling with the Input Source Options but this does not seem to affect the problem at all.

It may be that you have to be using a UK system to experience this problem, but it is extremely annoying and appears to be a bug. The hint supplied here is the only cure for the problem that I have come across, and it does work. The only concern I have is what will happen when the next OS upgrade comes along.

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Similar problem, not solved with this
Authored by: aliekens on Aug 22, '05 04:14:31AM

I have a similar problem with my USB Cherry keyboard. Whenever I plug it into my pbook, it assumes a wrong keyboard mapping over and over again. As a result, I have to reconfigure the keyboard whenever I plug it in. Since this is complete nonsense and irritates me a lot, I was hoping this hint would give me a solution for my problem.

However, this hint did not solve my problem.

It seems like something is borked in the keyboard preferences of Mac OSX.

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Did you try...
Authored by: wallybear on Aug 24, '05 06:19:39AM

Did you try JAW SetKbd (on site)?

It's a donationware that should fix this problem.

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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: catzforever on Aug 30, '05 05:33:40PM


nice try, but this is what happened when I tried this...
I removed roman.bundle from the keyboard layouts and logged out. when I logged back, the characters in my keyboard seemed to be all scrambled and I had to figure out key by key how to spell my user name and password. for instance, an "s" became ";" and "p" became "r". after I finally logged in, I tried to put the roman.bundle file back into the keyboard layouts folder and when it asked for authentication I had to figure out my password again.

it seems to me that os x uses the roman layout in all authentication screens, so if you get rid of it you won't be able to type into those screens properly.

apparently we're still waiting for the ultimate solution.

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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: catzforever on Aug 30, '05 07:44:08PM

guys, I had a big big problem after I did this...

in my last posting I told you I had to figure out my login password using the messed up keyboard layout. it so happens now that the system has changed the administrator to the series of keys I used then. and I can't seem to be able to restore it just by changing my account password in the Accounts pref pane. I'll probably be able to reset the administrator password using the os install disk, but still it's a big hassle.

so don't use this hint. it's dangerous!

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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: catzforever on Aug 30, '05 09:24:08PM

it's me again.

in the end, I could never change my admin password, not even running utilities with the install disk. it refuses to change and I'll probably have to use that weird sequence of character as my password until I decide to reinstall mac os.

moderator, I suggest you remove this hint.

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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: SimonJW on Sep 07, '05 06:22:46PM

I had *exactly* the same problem. I don't use a login screen, so I was able to use the system fine for a few days, but when I went to do a System Update and needed my password, I was in trouble.

I tested by typing into the "User name" box, and found out that some crazy keyboard map was being used! Luckily, I solved the problem by replacing the files with my backup (via 'sudo' and the Terminal, so I didn't run into the problem trying to become root), setting the Keyboard layout to it's original "British", and rebooting the computer. Whew!

This hint is not practical for the long term, as it renders all login screens useless.

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10.4: Logitech Keyboard and default keyboard layout
Authored by: ncollingridge on Sep 08, '05 05:17:21AM

Luckily I have NOT had the authentication problems described above. I have had other problems, though. Firstly, Word has started crashing on me regularly. Secondly, every time I press a key, an error gets posted to windowserver.log like the following:

Sep 08 10:15:58 [91] kCGErrorNoneAvailable: CGXKeyEventTranslate: key translation failure

This log is now massive, as you can imagine! There's clearly some significant system-level problem with keyboard map files, and I suspect that we can only hope it gets fixed with 10.4.3.

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