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Remove a delay when prompted for passwords System
Every once in a while, I push down permissions to /Applications and /Library myself, just to make sure that everything is root/admin read-write / read-write / read. Then, I repair permissions afterward, just to be safe. This way any third party files I've installed in these two places have the permissions I want.

However, doing so causes a slowdown. You will get the spinning rainbow cursor when any system-wide authentication window, even the login window, prompts you for your password. This is very bad, as if you are someone like me, get this authentication prompt about 10 times a day, on average.

After much frustration, I searched Google. I couldn't find anything. I search a second and third time, a few months later, nothing. I finally decided to search once more, and found an answer! I wanted to post it here, so it's easier to find the answer for anyone else who may be searching.

René's fix was to change the owner of specific files, but I find it much easier to delete the /Library/Caches folder and reboot. It's too bad repair permissions can't fix these cache files as well. I know this happens on 10.4 and 10.3, but I'm not sure about 10.2.
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Remove a delay when prompted for passwords
Authored by: guybrush on Aug 18, '05 01:49:26PM

This is a nice hint, my password dialogs show up alot faster now!
There's also another "Caches" directory located in /System/Library/Caches.

Seems it stores font caches there, problem and solution about that can be found at

I think im going to edit the /etc/rc file so it automatically cleans up those dirs on boot (just like clearing the /tmp dir)

Just have to edit:
RMRF_ITEMS="/mach.sym /var/tmp/folders.*"
RMRF_ITEMS="/mach.sym /var/tmp/folders.* /Library/Caches/* /System/Library/Caches/*"

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Remove a delay when prompted for passwords
Authored by: nickv2002 on Sep 05, '05 06:54:09PM

Just to clarify: I believe the Font Cache issue was isolated to 10.3.6-10.3.8 and fixed in 10.3.9 as well as all versions of 10.4. The article was written before 10.3.9 came out.

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AppleJack will do this for you
Authored by: crazyj on Aug 18, '05 03:06:13PM
AppleJack can remove these cache files for you if you run it using the applejack AUTO reboot command. MacFixIt has a good description of what AppleJack does:
By typing applejack AUTO (note the all-caps) AppleJack will perform the auto pilot sequence using "deep cleaning" mode: During the cache cleaning step, it will delete all cache files, including the Launch Services database. You should use this option only if the standard mode doesn't fix a problem you're experiencing, as deleting the Launch Services cache files has two significant consequences: It resets any custom file associations (which applications open which files) you've configured; and it resets the security dialogs that pop up the first time you launch an application via double-clicking one of its documents.
I run AppleJack after every system update or after installing software. Make sure you boot into single user mode to run it!

Sr. Editor, MacSlash

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Remove a delay when prompted for passwords
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Aug 19, '05 09:27:47AM

Is this true for every file?

For example, I notice that I have 2 files in that directory that end with .99. Both are owned by me. Should I chown them back to the 99 user "unknown"?

Is this a blanket truth, or should some of those files be left alone?

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Remove a delay when prompted for passwords
Authored by: bdog on Aug 20, '05 06:06:55PM

I just delete the files (the whole Caches folder), and let the OS recreate them. I don't even check to see who owns what, I don't care. ;-)

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Remove a delay when prompted for passwords
Authored by: fitzage on Aug 19, '05 10:01:13AM

This didn't work for me.

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Remove a delay when prompted for passwords
Authored by: bdog on Aug 20, '05 06:10:31PM

You can try removing/renaming


If that doesn't work, try renaming /Library/Preferences/ and reboot, so it recreates the Preferences folder. If your problem is gone, then it's something in that folder.

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