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A possible Bluetooth network connection fix Network
Tiger only hintAfter weeks of happily using my Motorola v710 phone and a DLink DBT-120 Bluetooth USB to wirelessly connect my G4 PowerBook to the internet, it stopped working. Everything described here happened while running Tiger. I was presented with a dialog box with the following disconcerting message:

Internet Connect
The selected communication device does not exist.
Please verify your settings and try again.

At this point, I took a look at system.log using Console, and found the following error being reported:
Jul 25 09:33:44 hostname pppd[3343]:
  Device '/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem' does not exist
Sure enough, no such entry exists under /dev. After repeatedly rediscoving the phone and fiddling with my connection configurations, I continued to get the same message. Apple Support was happy to talk about Tiger, but informed me that Bluetooth network connections are not supported (grumble, grumble). Fortunately, I have a second machine which I had also set up to use my Bluetooth phone for a network connection (though it has an Apple internal Bluetooth module instead of the USB style on my Powerbook). I took a look at the Bluetooth entries under /dev on my still working machine using ls -l /dev/*Blue*. I then created identical entries on my Powerbook using these commands:
sudo mknod /dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync c 9 2
sudo mknod /dev/cu.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync c 9 3
sudo mknod /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Modem c 9 4
sudo mknod /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem c 9 5 
sudo chmod a+rw /dev/*Blue*
Now all seems fine. I have no idea what could have caused this problem, nor do I know the proper way to recreate the /dev entries expected by Tiger. Additional insight into possible causes of this problem or the appropriateness of the solution would be appreciated...
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A possible Bluetooth network connection fix
Authored by: bdumes on Aug 03, '05 12:07:47PM

I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to set up my Nokia 3650 as a modem with my G4 iBook. I had previously used it with Panther without hassle, but had all kinds of problems; it started a couple of processes that could not be killed (even using "sudo kill -9 xxxx") and no new processes could be spawned. I couldn't even shutdown gracefully.

I finally found that if I booted the iBook with the Bluetooth Dongle plugged in, all was well. Apparently Tiger needs to have it in place at boot time to create the pseudo devices. After that, you can remove it and insert it again as you wish.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine who happens to be writing a book regarding Mac networking and he said that he'd been inserting his Bluetooth dongle without having had it in place at boot time and had no problem. I can't really explain that one -- so, as in all things, your milage may vary.

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A possible Bluetooth network connection fix
Authored by: burtman on Aug 03, '05 03:57:44PM

I had the exact same issue on my late 2004 iBook, neither of my belkin USB bluetooth dongles fucntion unless they are presant at boot time, otherwise I get the exact same issue as the original poster described. Once booted up with bluetooth the iBook can sleep and have the dongle removed and reinserted in any combination, and it seems to just keep working.

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A possible Bluetooth network connection fix
Authored by: nathanw on Aug 03, '05 04:40:31PM

I experienced this same problem on my dual USB iBook after upgrading to 10.4 (having used a bluetooth dongle with my v600 for nearly a year), and came up with about the same fix with mknod.

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A possible Bluetooth network connection fix
Authored by: feste12 on Aug 03, '05 11:39:31PM

I have a Motorola V710 as well, and have been banging my head against the wall trying to find out why the bluetooth dial-up suddenly quit working. Your fix worked great. (Well, initially recreating those devices gave me the nasty "You must restart your computer NOW" message, but after restarting it's working fine.)

One small difference from your description of the problem: I have been running Tiger since April without any problems. The bluetooth issue didn't start until last week, so it doesn't appear to be caused by upgrading to 10.4.

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A possible Bluetooth network connection fix
Authored by: innate on Sep 21, '05 03:23:57PM

Thank you! This problem was very frustrating. I have been using Tiger for several months but just now started having this problem. I have no idea what triggered it.

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