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10.4: Use OS X print drivers in Classic System 10.4
Tiger only hintLast year I was forced to create a hack with AppleScript Folder Actions and the Desktop Printer Utility in order to print from Classic using the OS X printer drivers. Now, I'm glad to say, Tiger has made my hack obsolete. Quietly, Apple changed Classic so that it automatically recognizes the OS X print queues. This simple little change is a huge boon for me in managing hundreds of OS X machines at the K-12 where I work, because it means I can eliminate AppleTalk, the Chooser, and the confusion that comes from multiple dissimilar printing methods.

To see this change in action, open SimpleText and choose File -> Print. The pull-down menu at the top of the print dialog box will be populated with your Classic printers as well as your OS X printers. Choosing an OS X printer will pass the job off to OS X, which will treat it like any other print job.

If you have a lot of old and unused printers in the pull-down menu, the simplest way to remove all but the currently configured OS X printers is to stop Classic, delete either /System Folder -> Preferences -> Printing Prefs or ~/Library -> Classic -> Preferences -> Printing Prefs (depending on whether or not you've selected "Use Mac OS 9 preferences from your home folder" in the Advanced tab of the Classic Prefs Pane), and then restart Classic. Classic will then automatically rebuild the list from your OS X setup.
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10.4: Use OS X print drivers in Classic
Authored by: Der Kommissar on Aug 02, '05 11:29:12AM

Doesn't work for me. Even reinstalled Classic. No OS X Printers visible in Classic.

I would love this to work! Any hints?

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10.4: Use OS X print drivers in Classic
Authored by: jdhal4sn on Aug 02, '05 03:20:26PM

I've noticed the printers are not added to Classic if you have classic open while your adding new printers via Printer Setup Utility. So be sure to stop Classic while adding printers.

When adding printers, I select IP Printer -> Line Printer Daemon LPD. I don't know if other types will work.

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10.4: Use OS X print drivers in Classic
Authored by: Grant Symon on Aug 02, '05 04:50:53PM

I use one particular Classic app all the time. In fact, it is my most important app. However, when I select Print, I just get the usual print dialog associated with my printer (an Epson 2100). I don't have any choice of other's via a 'drop-down' menu or anything else. To change printers I still have to use the Chooser.

Obviously I'm missing something. Does this work only for networked printers or for lasers via IP or something?


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10.4: Use OS X print drivers in Classic
Authored by: _merlin on Aug 02, '05 09:23:43PM

It assumes you have a PostScript printer driver selected (e.g. LaserWriter 8).

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10.4: Use OS X print drivers in Classic
Authored by: malcr on Aug 02, '05 08:43:30PM

Yes this worked for me. I have two inkjet printers (Epson, HP), and I can print to both from SimpleText. I can also print to pdf (via .ps and Disiller v 6.0). This is extremely useful for me.

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I noticed this but I was getting a weird error
Authored by: porkchop_d_clown on Aug 03, '05 09:32:34AM

I would print then get a dialog saying "file://localhost/var/root/Library/(lots of other stuff)" not found.

Fortunately, after reading this hint I switched Classic to keeping its preferences in my personal Library folder and the problem went away.

Everyone loves a clown, but no one will lend him money!

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10.4: Use OS X print drivers in Classic
Authored by: gabester on Oct 27, '05 10:09:56PM

I was upgrading several Macs to Tiger from Panther tonight; I'd tested this hint without a hitch on my primary system, from which I created the disk image for the other systems to be updated.

But after installing the image onto the other systems, I had inconsistent results... the print queues were totally hosed! After a little work, I discovered that I had to first log in as an admin user and launch classic; then all the other users print queues would work as advertised.

I hope this helps someone else following in my footsteps.

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