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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display System 10.4
Tiger only hintI don't know if this is useful for anyone else, but I posted a couple of scripts to rotate the display in Tiger on ATI Radeon-equipped machines.

[robg adds: Even though I have an ATI machine, I have no Rotate button in the Displays panel (no idea why not, though I can rotate using the ATI software), so I can't test these scripts. I have also mirrored the scripts on hints, so they'll be accessible in case the above link goes away.]
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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display | 14 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: PopMcGee on Jul 29, '05 11:43:23AM

Before 10.4.2, one could hold down option to force the rotate button to appear in the monitor control panel on a powerbook. In 10.4.2 this feature has been lost, unfortunately without any noise from the people. Does this script re-enable it? I've tried it out and it didn't do anything, apart from giving me the error that it can't click the radio button named "Display". Too bad :-(

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Not on all hardware
Authored by: lullabud on Jul 29, '05 01:33:33PM

I have an original 12" powerbook and I could never get the rotate option to appear, not in any version of OS X. Other people I know with iBooks and different powerbooks also could not get it to appear.

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Not on all hardware
Authored by: zpjet on Oct 24, '05 05:08:39AM

twelveincher doesn't have ati huh?

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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: krrt on Jul 29, '05 04:32:13PM

The option-click method used to work on my iBook G4 1GHz 14", but doesn't anymore (I'm currently running 10.4.2). I haven't tried it in a while, so I don't know which update broke it. Too bad, it was fun, even if I had no practical use for it.

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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: kainjow on Jul 29, '05 06:45:14PM

Ahh more proof of the iTablet!!! ;)

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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: wheeles on Jul 30, '05 12:04:31PM

Not necessarily.

The ability to rotate the display is something I have certainly requested of Apple back in the days of Panther. I imagine others have too. Maybe Apple chose to implement this request and it has nothing to do with tablets. It's possible that the G4 iMac was going to gain a screen that rotated, but that never happened.

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 570P TFT monitor that allows you to rotate it from landscape to portrait. There is software on Windows available to rotate the display to match the monitor (and also on Mac pre-OS X).

Sadly my G4 PowerMac is not Radeon equipped, so I still can't make use of it!

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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: conrad on Jul 29, '05 07:16:34PM
I don't know how to enable the rotate submenu if it's not there. However, if you get the error that it can't click on the "Display" radio button, open the script in Script Editor, and change the line:
click radio button "Display"
click radio button 1

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I get the rotate button but only on an external monitor
Authored by: porkchop_d_clown on Aug 03, '05 09:18:14AM

on my 15" AlBook, I get the rotate button when I connect to an external monitor, just not with the built-in LCD.

Everyone loves a clown, but no one will lend him money!

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I get the rotate button but only on an external monitor
Authored by: conrad on Aug 10, '05 01:47:52PM

The blog post above mentions this, but not the actual post: This script only rotates external displays (or all displays on a PowerMac desktop).

Apple didn't want the built-in display to rotate on PowerBooks b/c it can be difficult to navigate the mouse to reverse that condition. If you really want to rotate your built-in display, there's a trick to re-enable it in certain 10.4.x revisions: hold down Option before clicking the Displays pref. panel. Note: this is not available in all versions of Tiger.

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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: drd85 on Jul 29, '05 10:38:34PM

So I have never used scripts like this, the posters web sites says put them in your finders scripts directory - where is that?

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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: conrad on Jul 30, '05 12:29:52AM
Information about the Script Menu is here.

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Enable Rotating the Display
Authored by: cdoran on Aug 01, '05 01:22:20PM

I went to the website and downloaded the "ATI DISPLAYS 4.5.1" driver package. It installs a new System Preferences pane that allows any ATI graphics card to rotate the screen.

I tried different orientations of my iMac G5 rev. B laying it on its right and left sides and watched the CPU and Hard Drive temperatures using the Hardware Monitor shareware. The temperatures never exceeded the normal upright orientation's temps.

With the iMac G5 on its side at 1440x900 resolution you can see a full 8.5x14 legal page in Word with some room for the floating palettes. You may want to remove some menubar icons (e.g. AirPort, iChat, Clock, etc.) due to the narrower menubar.

I have not tried the AppleScripts.

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Enable Rotating the Display-ATI Displays 4.5.6 HELL - Kernel Panic
Authored by: RandyInLA on Oct 23, '05 03:50:26PM

I just spent the last 12 hours in hell trying to get my 17" powerbook back! I looked for the ATI Displays 4.5.1 package and all they had at ATI's site was the newer 4.5.6 version. It states in the details about the file that it will work with all ATI cards, including the 9700 in the 17" powerbook. I installed it, (telling me ahead of time I had to reboot after) and then the configuration box opened. I rotated the display with no problem. Ran a couple programs and absolutely loved the longer display! I then rebooted and had a kernal panic during boot. It got to the blue screen just before the login window and then kernel paniced. I was able to boot off the MRD emergency boot cd and get back online to research the issue. I found nothing at ATI's site and nothing of any value anywhere else other than to remove anything ATI related in the /system/library/extensions folder. I did and was able to reboot. Display pref pane now only shows 1440x900 resolution, so I then installed the recommended 17" powerbook graphics update and rebooted. Machine is back, no kernel panic.
I decided to download/reinstall OSX10.4.2 update. After installing and rebooting...KERNEL PANIC!!! Tried to reboot several times. Wow...what a night. I rebooted off the MRD cd again and re-deleted anything ATI related from /system/library/extensions, rebooted, reapplied the graphics update only and here I am. Is there any way to get the rotate option and NOT any of the other ATI driver headaches???? There must be a way, no? What about the ATI Rom update? Since the 'ATI Displays 4.5.6' software didn't work, the Rom update could allow the software to function properly... or permanently kill my display.

ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
OSX10.4.2 build 8c46
CPU: PowerPC G4 (1.2) 1.67Ghz Rom:4.9.1f3

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10.4: A set of AppleScripts to rotate the display
Authored by: hypert on Oct 31, '07 12:22:33PM
I only use 2 of the 4 possible rotations on my L2065, and they're at 0 and 270 degrees (so I can't use these scripts to toggle between my 2 rotations). Here's a modified version that toggles between 2 rotations (you can set which ones at the top of the script). It's smart enough to figure out what the current rotation is, and then just switch to the other one you defined at the top.

-- v1.1.20060301 (by Conrad Albrecht-Buehler) updated to handle displays with the same name.
-- v2.0 (by hypert) updated to simply toggle between two rotations

(* Set rotationA and rotationB to your two main rotation values.
	1 = Standard
	2 = 90 degrees (clockwise)
	3 = 180 degrees
	4 = 270 degrees
property rotationA : 1
property rotationB : 4

-- this function gets a list of the display preferences windows.
-- needed if you have more than one display that you want to 
-- rotate.  Note: PowerBooks will not rotate their built-in
-- LCDs with this script.
on getDisplays()
	tell application "System Events"
		get properties
		tell process "System Preferences"
			set allDisplays to every window
		end tell
	end tell
	return allDisplays
end getDisplays

-- This function simply clicks the pop-up button that
-- controls rotation, and selects the next in order
-- (either clockwise or counter-clockwise)
on setDisplay(thisDisplay)
	set rotatable to false
	tell application "System Events"
		get properties
		tell process "System Preferences"
			tell window thisDisplay
				tell tab group 1
					click radio button "Display"
					tell group 1
							click pop up button 3
							tell pop up button 3
								repeat with rotationValue from 1 to 4
									if selected of menu item rotationValue of menu 1 is true then
										exit repeat
									end if
								end repeat
								if rotationValue is equal to rotationA then
									set rotateMenuItem to rotationB
									set rotateMenuItem to rotationA
								end if
								click menu item rotateMenuItem of menu 1
							end tell
							-- If "Standard" is selected, no confirmation dialog is displayed.
							if rotateMenuItem is not 1 then
								set rotatable to true
							end if
						on error
							log "Can't rotate display. It may be the laptop's built in display."
						end try
					end tell
				end tell
			end tell
			if rotatable then
				delay 3
				-- After rotation, for some reason the confirmation dialog is always in window 1.
				tell window 1
					tell sheet 1
						click button "Confirm"
					end tell
				end tell
			end if
		end tell
	end tell
end setDisplay

-- the "main" part of the script
-- Prompt for change:
--set rotationValue to the button returned of (display dialog "Pick your rotation" with title "Rotation" buttons {"Standard", "270"} default button 1)

-- activate System Preferences
tell application "System Preferences"
	set current pane to pane ""
end tell

-- get all the display preference pane windows
-- and rotate each corresponding display
set allDisplays to my getDisplays()
repeat with i from 1 to length of allDisplays
	my setDisplay(i)
end repeat

-- quit system preferences
tell application "System Preferences"
end tell

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