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10.4: Better widget management and security in 10.4.2 System 10.4
Tiger only hintThis isn't really a hint, just some new Tiger features to check out.

Included in the 10.4.2 update are some new Dashboard features:
  1. The "Widgets" widget (and 'Manage Widgets button') are new additions to the Dashboard bar that appears when you click the + sign in Dashboard. It allows you to enable and disable widgets via checkboxes instead of moving them out of the folder in the Finder.

  2. When you download a new widget (at least in Safari, I haven't checked other browsers), a 'Widget Installer' message appears asking if you would like to install the widget -- very nice.

  3. If you do choose to install the widget, it shows up in kind of a test pane where it is fully functional for you to try, but has Delete and Keep buttons at the bottom for you to decide whether you like it or not, and easily dispose of it if you don't.
These new features make checking out new widgets a piece of cake -- very nicely done.

[robg adds: I normally don't run "hey, look at this feature" hints, but given all the attention (including a "What's the fuss?" rant from yours truly) that the concept of 'evil widgets' received early on in Tiger's release, I thought the new widget management features in 10.4.2 were worth pointing out...]
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10.4: Better widget management and security in 10.4.2 | 4 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Better widget management and security in 10.4.2
Authored by: mm2270 on Jul 25, '05 11:58:46AM

One other new tidbit I ran across that bears mentioning, is that if you download a widget with the same name, like an updated version of a widget you have installed, it alerts you to the fact that you are going to overwrite an existing widget. It even tells you that the current widget will be closed out (if it's active on your dashboard) before installing the new one.

Considering all the concerns over the ability of a widget to override an existing one prior to 10.4.2, this is also a nice touch. You have to explicitly allow it to overwrite an existing widget.

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10.4: Better widget management and security in 10.4.2
Authored by: nunofgs on Jul 25, '05 01:06:59PM

I find it curious that when you install a new widget, it opens it in dashboard and asks if you want to keep or delete the widget. If you get out of dashboard and come back, it automatically kept the widget. You would think it would discard by default or keep asking if you want to keep or delete, but no...

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10.4: Better widget management and security in 10.4.2
Authored by: rhowell on Jul 25, '05 01:14:48PM

This also fixes a mind-numbingly idiotic bug prior to 10.4.2 in which Safari handled downloaded widgets differently than the Finder (still does with PDFs, unfortunately). Only if Safari was set to automatically open "safe" files would widgets get properly installed into one's ~/Library/Widgets folder (creating the folder if needed).

If Safari didn't open "safe" files (or if you used a different browser I suppose), the zipped widget would appear in one's download folder. Let's assume we were all newbies (we were, to Dashboard at least). We would double-click the zipped widget to decompress it, and then double-click the widget to install it. WRONG! It doesn't install it, but it does run it. It appears in Dashboard's workspace, but not Dashboard's shelf. The widget does not get installed into one's ~/Library/Widgets folder either.

To install the widget, one needs to move it to the ~/Library/Widgets folder themselves. But wait! Is this the first widget you downloaded? If so, there is no Widgets folder! You need to create it first! Nowhere are instructions provided that detail this.

Sure, its simple, but in my circle of friends either nobody has Safari opening "safe" files or folks use a different browser, so the handling of widgets was...nonexistent.

10.4.2 includes welcome improvements. How this bug made it through all prior seeds, I'll never know.

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10.4: Better widget management and security in 10.4.2
Authored by: fitzage on Jul 25, '05 10:07:06PM

The reason it made it through all pre-release versions, is that Apple didn't allow anyone to offer widgets for download until Tiger was released.

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