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Create 'rotate capable' desktop images from iPhoto5 Apps
I recently posted on Apple Discussions a method of create rotating (automatically changing) Desktop images from iPhoto 5 without any fancy scripting. As we all know, the move to iPhoto 5 removed our beloved virtual file system of directory-based albums containing softlinked photos. I found this out when I reset my iPhoto library, effectively eliminating all those directories. As a consequence, the "Change photos every X minutes" no longer works on iPhoto albums. Well, that is what I thought, but here's how I got it to work with a SmartAlbum:
  1. Open iPhoto and select the SmartAlbum you want to use for your changing Desktop images.
  2. Click Edit -> Select All, or just use the Command-A keyboard shortcut.
  3. Select the Desktop button on the toolbar in iPhoto.
  4. The Desktop section of the Desktop & Screensaver prefs panel should open.
  5. You should now see a folder called iPhoto Selection, make sure it's selected, and then check the 'Rotate every X minutes' box.
If you take a look at your iPhoto Library folder on your hard drive, you will see a new folder has been created called iPhoto Selection which contains softlinks to the pictures in question. Ahhh ... the good old virtual album. Knowing about this hidden feature is valuable, as I can think of many other uses for it. Enjoy!

[robg adds: I find this change in iPhoto one of the most annoying 'improvements' in iPhoto5. Really, what's the purpose of having a bunch of albums of cool images if you can't automatically cycle through those images on your desktop? I keep hoping a minor update will bring back this useful feature...

In testing this hint, I found it works great for one display. It doesn't work, though, if you want the cycling images on your second display -- the iPhoto Selection folder doesn't appear in the list of choices. However, the presence of the new iPhoto Selection folder in the Finder provides a (further) workaround: on your second display, use the Choose Folder option in the Desktop panel, and then navigate to the iPhoto Selection folder. After all this work, you'll now have what you had in iPhoto4 with a couple of clicks -- a set of cycling images on your second display. Of course, if you want to change the selection, you'll have to go through the whole process again. Sigh.]
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Create 'rotate capable' desktop images from iPhoto5
Authored by: Arlo on Jul 22, '05 10:46:57AM

One thing about this hint that confuses me; on my Mac, Tiger, the function in Desktop is "Change Picture", not "Rotate"..also, by "rotate", do you mean to say the images would do a quartz rotation? On my system (a G5) they simply fade between images.

"Better Living Through Macintosh Scripting"

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Create 'rotate capable' desktop images from iPhoto5
Authored by: robg on Jul 22, '05 11:44:37AM

You're right; I've modified the hint to reflect the proper text...


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Create 'rotate capable' desktop images from iPhoto5
Authored by: n8gray on Jul 22, '05 01:51:09PM
If you're annoyed by the loss of this feature please send feedback to Apple and tell them so.

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Create 'rotate capable' desktop images from iPhoto5
Authored by: bkitchman on Jul 22, '05 05:56:17PM
Or you can just following the instructions from Apple's support site.

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Create 'rotate capable' desktop images from iPhoto5
Authored by: robg on Jul 22, '05 06:47:50PM

Those instructions are basically what are reflected in this hint. But it's not a solution, it's a workaround. The Desktop prefs panel contains (a) a list of your albums, and (b) a button to cycle through the images. But, for whatever reason, Apple felt it important to break the already-existing functionality that allowed easy cycling of albums.

Now I have to choose just one set that I want to cycle between, and jump through extra hoops to do so on a second display. Changing the set now requires jumping back into iPhoto, which is just silly...


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Create 'rotate capable' desktop images from iPhoto5
Authored by: shaunyeap on Jul 23, '05 11:30:17AM

I've just found that this hint applies to normal albums as well, not just smart albums!!! :)

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