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10.4: Insert Quartz compositions into Keynote 2 Apps
Tiger only hintWith Tiger, you can insert Quartz compositions -- the animations created by Quartz Composer, part of the Developer Tools -- into a Keynote 2 presentation.

If you have the Xcode Developer Tools installed under Tiger, you can find some sample compositions at /Developer -> Examples -> Quartz Composer. For my own tests, I used the Slide.qtz example in the Parametrizable Compositions folder, and edited it to remove the text that sits on top of the color areas that slide around the animation field. In Keynote, use Insert -> Choose to add in the .qtz file. Once placed, Quartz compositions will look just like static images and can be manipulated as such. You can layer them with other elements like text, graphics, and QuickTime movies, and you can make them transparent with the Object Inspector, too, if you so choose.

In the full-screen presentation mode on a computer that can run Quartz compositions, however, the animations are no longer static. They play back, using the capabilities of your GPU, just as they would in the Quartz Composer tool. You can use this to create dynamic, animated backgrounds or other elements. You could also use compositions with slide builds -- but in my experience, the animations don't run until the build step affecting them has completed.
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10.4: Insert Quartz compositions into Keynote 2
Authored by: azguy on Jul 19, '05 10:33:21AM

Now that's sweet. Can't wait to try it.

A nice, *subtle* dynamic background would be awesome.

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10.4: Insert Quartz compositions into Keynote 2
Authored by: Mike A on Jul 19, '05 11:27:31AM

Indeed, something that gradually changes colour, or rotates a logo could be pretty neat.

And it proves a point about Powerpoint once again which is always good :)

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10.4: Insert Quartz compositions into Keynote 2
Authored by: thefinite on Jul 19, '05 12:36:39PM

I can't wait to wow some people with this one! Best Keynote tip I have seen in a long time. I just tried it now and it works great.

--Boom Shanka

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Authored by: Tulse on Jul 19, '05 03:05:08PM

How does the overhead of using a Quartz composition compare to using a background movie? I've played with using abstract MPEGS as backgrounds, but my system bogs down quite a bit when doing that.

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10.4: Insert Quartz compositions into Keynote 2
Authored by: SeattleSeth on Jul 19, '05 03:27:59PM

A good place to start with this hint, if you want to make your own backgrounds, is to open a new composition and go to the Clip Library. There you can find gradient backgrounds, discs background, and more that are ready to go. It is very easy to change the color of these too.

You can also use some of the screen savers, by simply modifying the text (introduction.qtz) to act as individual slides or headers (for constant reminders of your presentations theme).

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10.4: Insert Quartz compositions into Keynote 2
Authored by: rhoge on Aug 18, '06 08:05:34PM

Hmm. Did this change in Keynote 3?

I tried importing some animated text that looked great in the Quartz Composer viewer and it looked like an extremely low quality QuickTime movie when I played the keynote presentation in full-screen mode (badly pixelated text, jerky motion).

Am I missing something?

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