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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit Apps
Tiger only hintIn Tiger's TextEdit, you can now undo after you save your document. For instance, open a TextEdit document, type something, save it. Now delete the typing and save again. Now hit undo, and guess what ... TextEdit undoes the delete.

In Panther's TextEdit, once you saved your document, your undo history was gone. This is, thankfully, no longer the case.
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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit | 8 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: jbouklas on Jul 18, '05 12:06:50PM

Uh oh. If this is embedded in the file itself, and not the system's cache, then this could be quite the breach of security. I like to know that the file I give somebody cannot be made to tell what I've typed out and deleted in the past. This has given big companies, namely SCO, trouble in the past when they've distributed Word documents with changes made. People could simply look through the history of the document and find out what was said previously.

This is more of a warning than a hint. Thanks,


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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: croasmun on Jul 18, '05 12:18:21PM

Have no fear; you can't undo past the save point after quitting Text Edit.

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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: ngb on Jul 18, '05 12:51:37PM

Most decent applications will let you undo even after saving a document. It sounds like TextEdit was flushing the Undo history when it saved the document, which strikes me as being the incorrect behavior. I'm glad to see this has been changed.

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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: arg on Jul 18, '05 01:23:46PM

Yeah, actually, you can do this in Microsoft Word, even in Panther. I don't think the history is saved in the document. I agree it's probably cached somehow, and just not flushed until the application is quit or the document is closed.

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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: osxpounder on Jul 18, '05 05:05:53PM

I agree that most apps should preserve your Undo history *as long as the doc remains open, even if you've saved it*. The other day, MS Excel bit me when I discovered I lost all Undo history the moment I saved the file. I was counting on using Undo to make a movie showing changes over time.

On the other hand, it's important, as earlier posters noted, that you be sure your deletions and other changes don't get passed on to other users without your knowledge. Word's interface is just complex enough that plenty of users could get tripped up, and accidentally share a document with "Track Changes" enabled. "Track Changes" lets others see markup in the doc that shows what was changed [and by whom, if MS Word was configured with a username].

I can't be sure that I know how to disable "Track Changes", except via Word's menu, but I seem to recall seeing a rumour on the net that some earlier version of Word still saved the kind of info that "Track Changes" offers -- I think it was said that using "Allow Fast Save" would mean that deleted text remained in the doc, and someone with a hex editor could open the doc and extract such text. Not sure if that's still an issue with Word, or if it's even true.


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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: hard-mac on Jul 18, '05 05:52:44PM

Sounds like a possible security problem to me also. In the 10.4 TextEdit you will notice a preference that allows you to choose:

When saving a file: Delete the automatic backup file

This should be enabled if you want no undo history saved. Some how I really doubt it delete's it securely though.....

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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: Ross L on Jul 19, '05 10:32:42PM
As a Cocoa developer, I have investigated the source code of TextEdit, and found that the undo is not saved in the file at all. It merely allows (for the lifetime of the window) for undo past the last undo, a new trick of Tiger's Cocoa API. I repeat: the undos are not saved in the file. The backup file option has nothing to do with this either. When Cocoa saves a file, it writes the data to another file (the backup file) and then copies it onto the destination, so that in case of a power outage, nothing should go wrong. You may keep the backup file, but I have found no real use for it.

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10.4: Undo after Save in TextEdit
Authored by: fraser on Apr 14, '06 12:36:52PM

Slightly off topic but somewhat related:

Does this backup file mean that information lost when textedit crashes is recoverable? Where is this backup file saved?


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