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Log into iChat with Away status Apps
If you've ever wanted to log into iChatAV and immediately change your status as away, here's a simple Applescript to do it. It will ask for your away status message and launch iChatAV for you. Simple, but does what it's supposed to do.
display dialog "Please enter your away message" default answer 
  "" buttons {"OK"} default button 1
set msg to the text returned of the result as string
tell application "iChat"
end tell
tell application "iChat"
  set theMessage to "" & msg
  set status message to theMessage
  set status to away
end tell
[robg adds: Open Script Editor and paste the above text in. Save the script as an application, and then double-click it in the Finder to run it. Alternatively, you can download it from the author's website.]
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Log into iChat with Away status
Authored by: dmmorse on Jun 28, '05 11:38:49AM

... or you can just enable the iChat menu item and immediately log in as away by selecting one of the away messages you previously set up in iChat

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Log into iChat with Away status
Authored by: mmouse on Jun 28, '05 01:34:41PM
You can also disable the "When iChat opens, automatically log in" check box in the iChat preferences (Accounts > [Your Account] > Account Information). Then, just choose an away message rather than an 'online' status from your buddy list, et voila!


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Log into iChat with Away status
Authored by: thornrag on Jun 28, '05 11:28:10PM

Yeah... I don't know how this is a hint. Turn off auto-login, and then pick an away message. Boom. What's the problem?

I'm thinking all these Applescript hints ought to be spun off onto their own site.

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Offtopic: the iChat hack I REALLY want
Authored by: Septimus on Jun 28, '05 01:49:46PM

You know, the iChat hack I *really* want is displaying "away" buddies in the Menu item on the top. It only displays "Available" buddies. Several of my friends are teachers of middle school students and have to default to "Away" just to get some freaking peace and quiet. The result is I either have the iChat buddy window open or switch myself to Adium or Fire. Both are aggravating.

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iChat: Away vs. privacy
Authored by: MJCube on Jun 28, '05 09:07:52PM

Can't they just use a privacy setting to allow only a 'whitelist' of buddies?
(Preferences > Accounts > Security > Allow specific people.)
Then they could be fully visible to you, and completely invisible to others.
I switch between this and the 'blacklist' option (Block specific people) all the time.

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