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10.4: A patch for Complete Apache installations UNIX
Tiger only hintIf you were using the excellent Complete Apache packages, you probably had a rude awakening when you realized that they have a serious bug that doesn't serve any files larger than about 50KB. This makes images, in particular, a problem.

Assuming you're running a stock installation, here are step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade apache to 2.0.54, apply a patch to fix the bug, and get your installation working again. I've simply collected the instructions from the people over in the Server Logistics forum, and the folks working on Apache. Credit for fixing this goes to them.

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Download Apache 2.0.54 from here, or, if you're paranoid.

  2. Decompress the .tar file. Double-clicking in the Finder should work.

  3. Open the config.layout file, and add the following lines to the end:
    <Layout ServLog>
    prefix: /Library/Apache2 
    exec_prefix: ${prefix} 
    bindir: ${exec_prefix}/bin 
    sbindir: ${exec_prefix}/bin 
    libdir: ${exec_prefix}/lib 
    libexecdir: ${exec_prefix}/modules 
    mandir: ${prefix}/man 
    sysconfdir: ${prefix}/conf 
    datadir: ${prefix} 
    installbuilddir: ${datadir}/build 
    errordir: ${datadir}/error 
    iconsdir: ${datadir}/icons 
    htdocsdir: ${datadir}/htdocs 
    manualdir: ${datadir}/manual 
    cgidir: ${datadir}/cgi-bin 
    includedir: ${prefix}/include 
    localstatedir: ${prefix} 
    runtimedir: ${localstatedir}/logs 
    logfiledir: ${localstatedir}/logs 
    proxycachedir: ${localstatedir}/proxy 
  4. Download the patch.

  5. Copy the patch file sendrecv.c.patch to your httpd-2.0.54 folder. If Safari has renamed it sendrecv.c.patch.txt, go ahead and rename it back.

  6. Open the terminal, and change to the httpd-2.0.54 directory via cd, then type this:
    patch < sendrecv.c.patch
  7. You might be prompted as to which version of the sendrecv.c to use. If so, type the path of the file that doesn't end in .old

  8. Next, you want to configure and compile Apache. Make sure your server is shut down! If you're the paranoid type, make sure you have all the backups you need to feel safe at night.

  9. Still in the terminal, type the following (it's all one long line; the backslashes should let it be copied and pasted):
    ./configure --enable-layout=ServLog --enable-mods-shared=all \
    --with-ssl=/usr --with-mpm=prefork --enable-ssl --enable-dav \
    --enable-cache --enable-proxy --enable-shared --disable-static \
    --disable-unique-id --disable-ipv6 --enable-logio --enable-deflate \
    --with-ldap --with-ldap-include=/usr/include --with-ldap-lib=/usr/lib \
    --enable-ldap --enable-auth-ldap --enable-cgi --enable-cgid \
  10. When that's done, type make. The package will then compile. When it's done, type sudo make install

That should be it. Start the server back up, and hopefully, you can serve large documents again!
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10.4: A patch for Complete Apache installations
Authored by: spudz1 on Jun 28, '05 12:06:53PM
Thanks! I run a small server at work that has a 112kb html page, (just a big searchable list) that would never finish loading for anybody attempting to view it. After pulling out much hair, I'm happy to say that this solution worked perfectly.


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10.4: A patch for Complete Apache installations
Authored by: BigKid on Jul 02, '05 06:39:23PM

We get this error message when using the long string, before MAKE.

checking for APR... reconfig
configuring package in srclib/apr now
configure: error: expected an absolute directory name for --bindir: NONE/bin
configure failed for srclib/apr

NE1 with any idea how to proceed? PLS

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10.4: A patch for Complete Apache installations
Authored by: aschmidtm on Jul 02, '05 09:02:50PM

I can't get PHP to work with this installation of Apache. Any tips?


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10.4: A patch for Complete Apache installations
Authored by: jtalle on Sep 08, '05 07:46:56PM

I got as far as the configure command and received the following error:

configure: error: invalid variable name: --with-ssl

Is there any visibility for when Serverlogistics will come out with a patched 2.0.54 package?

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10.4: A patch for Complete Apache installations
Authored by: Tetonne on Sep 18, '05 07:51:13AM

ok I made everything
everything seems to be ok
after what must have do to have a Apache 2 work :-)
sorry for that stupid question but when i compare serverlogictic 2.0 folder and the created one there are differences :-)

help needed

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10.4: A patch for Complete Apache installations
Authored by: jtalle on Nov 12, '05 12:10:28PM

With the recent release of Apache 2.0.55, I was able to use the source to install the newer version over Complete Apache. Compile it with the appropriate modifications seen with the PREFIX information in the install guide.

$ ./configure --prefix=/Library/Apache2
$ make
$ make install
$ /Library/Apache2/bin/apachectl start

To get the information on which switches to configure, see
./configure --help

Check the error logs if it won't start up - - I was able to get mine running by commenting out a few lines in the DSO section of the httpd.conf

Tally ho!

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