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Jun 07, '05 01:26:00PM

Contributed by: robg

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OK, so I took the easy way out this week -- I let Steve Jobs make the Pick of the Week :). When I saw him demo the Fast Amazon widget during the keynote yesterday, I knew it was going to become a favorite of mine. I look a lot of stuff up at Amazon. I buy a fair amount of stuff from them, too. However, I also use as a good reference for questions like "what was that book called by XYZ?" But I don't really enjoy my time on the Amazon site -- there's just so much information presented, I get "circuit overload" in about five minutes of browsing.

Enter the Fast Amazon widget. Now I can run searches in a nice-looking, small floating window, and (most imporantly) view the results directly within the widget. I only visit the site now when I find a product that I'd like more detail on, or that I'm ready to purchase. You can specify which type of product to search for, and the widget remembers your recent searches. When you see something you like, a simple click takes you to that product page on the Amazon site.

I wish there were a way to control the number of results per page, but that's probably an Amazon restriction, not a widget issue. My only other complaint is that I'd like to be able to resize the widget vertically; I have enough screen space to show more of the results without scrolling, but the widget is of a fixed size. Finally, note that while this widget is free, Hans has encoded his Amazon affiliate ID in the link -- which I think is a perfectly acceptable thing to do in exchange for providing the widget for free.

I have Dashboard's dev mode enabled, and Fast Amazon is one of a very few widgets that have secured a spot on my desktop...

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