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Use Safari to automatically see changes in HTML source Web Browsers
The days where, while doing web development, you had to open a source code window of your web page, verify the HTML code it displays, close it, make your corrections in your HTML, refresh your page in your browser, and finally reopen a new source code window are now gone, thanks to Safari 1.2 (and 2.0).

With it, you just have now to keep the source code window open, and when you make your corrections and then refresh your page, the source code window will automatically update itself to reflect the new page content.
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Use Safari to automatically see changes in HTML source | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Check out SafariStand
Authored by: pascalpp on Jun 20, '05 11:09:05AM

Check out SafariStand. Among other things, it makes the View Source window editable! Make your changes and click Apply. Lots of great uses. One example: remove the annoying Meta Refresh on sites like that automatically reload themselves, often while you're still reading.

The user interface for SafariStand could use some cleaning up, but it's many features are worth it to me.

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Use Safari to automatically see changes in HTML source
Authored by: PopMcGee on Jun 20, '05 11:41:53AM

While technically correct, this feature is not that usable as the window is not automatically refreshed: you have to first select the text or scroll the window to see the updated content :-(

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Use Safari to automatically see changes in HTML source
Authored by: thornrag on Jun 20, '05 04:17:56PM

This I've noticed in the latest version of Safari. It's as if the window doesn't actually redraw until you scroll, move, or obscure it. I've actually seen it come up blank when there should be source text. This behavior is new but I'm not sure which version of Safari introduced it. I'm pretty sure it's a bug, in any case.

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Instead of this, try using SubEthaEdit
Authored by: acidblue on Jun 20, '05 05:28:21PM
Though I know these are supposed to be hints with stuff that is installed with OS X, I would highly recommend trying out SubEthaEdit. It has the nifty ability to work on an html file and watch your changes render in a separate window without having to manually refresh; It's really cool. The editor itself does a LOT more than this, you should check it out. Believe me, you will like it. It is free for personal/non-commercial use. And if you want to use it for work (and want to be honest) the license is something like $35.

Check it out. Oh, my hint for opening the live browser window in SubEthaEdit is Command+R

Oh, I have nothing to do with the creators of this app, I just dig it.

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[OFFTOPIC] Safari Javascript Crashes
Authored by: redfood on Jun 21, '05 05:12:54AM

Sorry for the off topic post but...

Has anyone else had problems with Safari 2.0 crashing when Javascript is enabled? For a while it happened every time I visited gmail. It often happens while opening multiple tabs also.

Any fixes? (No I don't have any plugins. Yes I have reset. Yes I have manually deleted prefs, caches, history).

Any suggestions appreciated!

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Use Safari to automatically see changes in HTML source
Authored by: nat1on on Jun 21, '05 04:53:33PM

I just wanted to put a little shoutout in here for BBEdit. BBEdit has a "Preview" Window that uses Safari's rendering engine to render the page content. After using a method very similar to the one described in the hint for a very long time, I got tired of the "edit-refresh-edit" process. BBEdit allows you to make changes to the source file while it automatically updates the HTML rendering in a separate window. It also lets you modify linked files, such as CSS while keeping the preview up to date. All in all, it's been the best I've used for this process. Again, I am in no way affiliated with BBEdit--just a web-developer that's been through several different products to find one that does this well.

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