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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection Network
Tiger only hintFor those of us (foolhardily?) brave enough to upgrade to Tiger via Archive & Install, one of the annoying consequences can be the inability to select anything other than "A specific network" in the Network settings panel to join by default. The new "Preferred Networks" setting is also AWOL. (Another annoying consequence of an Archive & Install: Volume Logic doesn't move to the new installation ... drat!)

While this hint discusses general tips for cleaning out the Airport known/preferred network list, the solution for this problem is much simpler: delete and recreate the network locations that use Airport (Location menu -> Edit Locations... -> Delete). Voila! The Automatic & Preferred Network choices now show up.
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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection | 6 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection
Authored by: wejdoane on Jun 16, '05 11:19:31AM

I hadn't even noticed this, but yes, the problem exists.

There's an even EASIER (read gentler) solution, however --- on the "Network Port Configurations" panel of a configuration with airport, select and delete just the airport connection. It should pop right back to the bottom of the list (it did for me), but if not, then add a New... airport connection and the advanced "by default, join..." settings will appear.

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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection
Authored by: neuralstatic on Jun 16, '05 11:44:05AM

fwiw, none of these worked for me. my first 2 installs of tiger massively messed up networking on my machine. finally a full wipe & install (and impo via the migration wizard thing) got it all going on the 3rd try.

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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection
Authored by: bdog on Jun 16, '05 11:02:13PM

I have an easier solution yet! (easier than wejdoane's).

Just go into the AirPort config, and where the network name is specified, just delete the name of the network and apply the changes. You then instantly see the UI change as the pref is fixed...

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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection
Authored by: jimage2 on Jun 22, '05 11:58:53AM

Been there done that, no go, my powerbook recognises my network, tells me I'm connected, the when I use safari it tells me I'm not connected. I even made a clean re-install of 10.3, And the bloody thing still won't connect.Can anybody help Thanks

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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection
Authored by: jchunkins on Jul 14, '05 12:51:46AM

While everyone is trying for a painless solution, I went for the hard one. :)

I tried some of the items suggested here and they did not work for me. So my solution was to go into /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and delete the following items...

This is pretty brute force, since it is going to remove your past airport connections list, and everything in your network settings (locations, network port configurations, IP addresses, etc). After deleting these files (you have to authenticate to put them in the trash) and restarting, I had to select the "network port configurations" menu item from the show menu in the network preferences and drag the airport connection to the top of the list. Doing this forces the "Network Status" area to show the available port configurations and their corresponding status (the network status did not show anything initially otherwise since the .plist file that contained the information had not been recreated yet).

I am not sure it was necessary to dump the preferences.plist.system_default file, but there seems to be no harm in doing it. Obviously you can keep backups of the files if you want to, but each of these files (with the exception of preferences.plist.system_default) is automatically rebuilt when you make the settings changes I described above.

Like I said, this is harder but it should provide a remedy for those who have stubborn issues and want to start from scratch without reinstalling the whole OS.

Good luck!

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10.4: Reclaim 'Automatic' AirPort network selection
Authored by: joab on Sep 26, '05 04:16:02AM

Thanks! This was the only way that worked for my powerbook. Tried the others but nothing happened. Now it automatically connects. Wonderful :)

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