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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender' System 10.4
Tiger only hintI've created a Mail plug-in, using Automator, that makes a folder I've created act like a drop mailbox. So anything I drop into that folder, will cause Mail to open, addresses the message for me, and includes my attachment. Automator makes it simple to create.

Before you start, create your new Mail Sending (or whatever) folder. Next, to make the plug-in, open Automator. Choose Mail in the library column. In the Action column choose "New Mail Message" and drag it over, then fill in the new mail form with the values you wish to use. When finished choose the "Save as Plug-in" in your file menu. Choose "FOlder Actions" as the value for the "Plug-in For" field, and set "Attached to Folder" to the new folder you created. That's it, you're done!

Now drag anything into the folder and watch the magic!

[robg adds: Keep in mind that anything you drag and drop on this folder will also be moved there; either remember to move it back, or hold down the Option key to make a copy. I'm sure this action could be further automated to handle the file management aspects as well...]
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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender' | 6 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender'
Authored by: leenoble_uk on Jun 13, '05 09:46:30AM

So does this mean you have to have a different folder for every address you might want to send an attachment to?

Seems like it might be a bit cumbersome. You know you can just drag any document and drop it on the Mail icon and it'll appear as an attachment in a new message? Then you just have to hit the letter which begins their name to autocomplete the address. That seems a little more intuitive to me than having to create lots of drop folders.

What might be a better idea is if you can make a plugin for Address Book which lets you drag any document over any card in the list and then tells Mail to create a new message to that person containing the attachment. This would also stop the duplicates problem you mention.

And no, I have no idea if what I suggest is possible. I don't have 10.4 and I've never made a plugin.

So, I said ... well, I can't actually remember exactly what I said. But it was one of the most enormously cruel and frighteningly witty put downs ever.

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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender'
Authored by: wilton on Jun 13, '05 11:29:20AM

If you use something like Launchbar you can do this, which seem simpler:
apple+space to activate launchbar
bob to select Bob
right arrow to select his email address and press enter
This will start up mail, open new message and address it to bob.
Then just drag in any image to message window and use Mail's built in image resizer which will offer various sizes and display file size too.


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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender'
Authored by: KJ on Jun 13, '05 11:56:13AM

And this automator action would do something else then picking up your attachment and dropping it on the Mail 2.0 icon in your dock?

That also creates a new and empty message with the file attached to the mail-message. Another pro is that you are not moving your file too...


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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender'
Authored by: MtnBiker on Jun 15, '05 12:23:01PM

I don't keep my Dock showing. I'm not recommending the hint, just that for some showing and hiding the Dock is multiple steps.

I mostly use iKey, QuickSilver, and Command-tab to find my apps and only occasionally use the Dock. I often end up with tens of apps open and the doc gets crowded always takes up screen space.

Hermosa Beach, CA USA

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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender'
Authored by: ngb on Jun 13, '05 04:12:27PM

This could be very useful for e-mailing large numbers of files to the same person, where attaching them all to the same e-mail would exceed your mail server size limits.

A more dynamic way of doing this would be to have one hot folder that watches for the creation of sub-folders. Name the subfolder with the e-mail address of the person to send to, and have it contain all the files that need to be sent.

Just an idea.

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10.4: Use Automator to create a Mail 'attachment sender'
Authored by: Matt_B on Jun 13, '05 06:09:20PM

I think it's much simplier to use the automator script at to create a simple Mail-to action, rather than creating a new folder for sending attachments.

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