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10.4: Avoid a Mail 2.0 freeze at startup Apps
Tiger only hintMany users are complaining about Mail 2.0 freezing when launched. It occurs when Mail 2.0 automatically starts retrieving mails from your POP accounts.

Here's a simple workaround:
  • Disconnect your Mac from the network (via a "No Network" prepared network location configuration for more convenience)
  • Launch Mail2.0 and wait for it to indicate mailboxes are unreachable (disconnected) - Mail 2.0 will not be hanging
  • Connect your Mac to the network (via your normal network location)
  • Click the Retrieve Mail button.
Now Mail 2.0 will work normally, even if you Quit and reopen it. At least until the next boot.
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10.4: Avoid a Mail 2.0 freeze at startup
Authored by: Mercury Glitch on Jun 10, '05 06:28:40PM

Or you could just use Little Snitch

1) download and install Little Snitch, rather easy to do.

2) Next time Mail 2.0 crashes at launch open little snitch, authenticate and scroll down to find the rule for Mail. Double click it and deny all connections.

3) Launch Mail, wait for it to tell you none of the mailboxes can be accessed. Go to Little Snitch and reverse what you did by allowing Mail 2 to use the ports.

Sure it might take a little longer than unplugging but you don't chuck your connection just for Mail. Which is handy for those of use who IM or file transfer on our networks.

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10.4: Avoid a Mail 2.0 freeze at startup
Authored by: ddiebolt on Jun 11, '05 11:59:41AM


The other way is to disconnect all mail accounts. A shortcut is include in the Mail app Tools Bar.
After that , you can reconnect one account and get your message
Proceed one by one
It's not the fastest way, but it's only with the

This method works better than my english

Hello from France

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10.4: Avoid a Mail 2.0 freeze at startup
Authored by: gxw on Jun 10, '05 08:27:57PM

Have not had mail 2.0 freeze on me that I have noticed.
I did change one of the default settings in mail for my POP account.
Mail defaults to leaving mail on the server when it retreives a message.
If you get a lot of mail, this old mail on the server will build up and slow down retreival.

So when I noticed that I had a whole bunch of old messages on left on the server I turned this option on.
Mail Prefs / accounts / pick a pop 3 account / advanced / remove mail from server after retreiving message

I have to check this option and set it to one day in the drop down.


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10.4: Avoid a Mail 2.0 freeze at startup
Authored by: pkeeler999 on Jun 12, '05 06:22:31AM

I don't know if this is a related issue, but after installing Tiger, Mail didn't freeze, but it wouldn't retrieve messages.

The "Mailbox" pulldown was showing that somehow Mail had gone "Off Line". Once back on line, everything was normal again.

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10.4: Avoid a Mail 2.0 freeze at startup
Authored by: sig eigei on Jun 13, '05 06:56:13AM

I started having this problem almost immediately after having installed 10.4. I continually check 5 POP servers automatically from witihin Mail. I never thought to deactivate the network connection but this is what I did did to resolve the issue:

Inevitably Mail will stop responding when this freeze occurs so you must force-quit the application. When restarting Mail I quickly click the button to Go Offline (you have to manually put this in your Mail window bar by Customizing the bar). One Mail is offline I manually get my mail from each account one by one by by going to the menu bar and then Mailbox>Get New Mail>(account). After retrieving the mail in each account I select Go Online and then Mail works normally.

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