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Watch archived games on in full screen Internet
Up until now, Mac users have been unable to watch archived games on baseball's TV website ( in full screen mode -- this is due to these games only being available via an embedded Windows Media Player. But if you simply trash the WMP plugin found in System/Library/Internet Plugins.

The next time you attempt to watch an archived game, you will get a dialog box saying "Safari can't display content on this page ... some content on this page requires an Internet plug-in that Safari doesn't support. The application 'Windows Media Player' may be able to display this content. Would you like to try?" Just click OK, and Windows Media Player will launch, and you will be able to use full screen mode.

I decided to post this here because seems incapable of providing this simple workaround, and I get lots of traffic to my blog from frustrated Mac users.

[robg adds: I can't test this one ( is a subscription site), but it makes sense in theory.]
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Watch archived games on in full screen
Authored by: mikeycav on Jun 09, '05 10:11:06AM

This is in everyway true, AND ALSO WORKS for live broadcasts, not just archives. Funny, though, that it works when Safari is "broken".

I noticed after I upgraded to 10.4 that the plug-in was non-functioning when I accessed Windows Media sites, but soon discovered the full screen mode.

Living in Connecticut and watching White Sox games in full screen on a 17" LCD made me feel I was a lot closer to 35th and Shields than I am now.

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Watch archived games on in full screen
Authored by: DavidThomas@mac. on Jun 09, '05 10:50:44AM

And, I have just found by experiment that changing the group of the WMP plugin from staff to admin allows it to work again in 10.4.


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Watch archived games on in full screen
Authored by: bill ktn on Jul 09, '05 05:18:18PM

Help. Just got a new Imac G-5 yesterday and am new to Mac. I watch mlb tv but last night I discovered that I could not get beyond the postage stamp size screen on the viewer. Will see if I can do this Safari thing I read about here.

bill in ketchikan

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Watch archived games on in full screen
Authored by: Dephex Twin on Jun 09, '05 11:00:05AM

I have been using this trick since last year. It is kind of annoying, since sometimes you might end up going to a site with a Windows Media video that you can't watch. In order to get the functionality back you have to quit the browser. I have been trying now and then to figure out how to extract the URL and writing a script for that, but I haven't gotten it working yet.

For live streams it works as well, but they give you a choice of streaming Real or Windows Media, so why choose Windows Media? Real's feed looks ten times better, plus, you can actually click on the video and tell it to open in RealPlayer.

I use the RealPlayer setup to watch Red Sox games. Also, I hook up my laptop to the TV, set it as a second monitor, and RealPlayer can go full screen in that monitor while I do other things on my laptop screen. It works quite well.

"Knicks suck, Yankees suck, Mets suck..."
"...Krypton sucks"

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Easier to use Zoom
Authored by: MightyCookie on Jun 12, '05 11:22:56PM

cmd-option-8 to enable, cmd-option-= (or +) to zoom. It help to change the universal access preference to scroll only whne the mouse is at the edge.

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