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10.4: Fix a CUPS remote printing problem Network
Tiger only hintAfter upgrading to Tiger (fresh install), I could no longer use my TiBook to print over the network to my Samsung ML-1710 laser printer, which is connected via USB to my linux server "beigeg3" (running CUPS) in my home office. Even worse, once the network printer was selected in the Tiger print dialog, I couldn't do any kind of printing task -- not even Save to PDF for transferring to the linux server. All attempts ended with the unhelpful error message "Error while printing". I haven't been able to find any reference to this problem on the net, but the fix is so simple, I think it's worth sharing.

Using the CUPS http interface (http://localhost:631) to try to print test pages gave me useful error messages: apparently Tiger reported the Linux server hostname to cups as "beigeg3," but CUPS didn't know where to find that host (no DNS server runs on the LAN). Adding this line:    beigeg3
to the /etc/hosts file on the TiBook let CUPS know where to look fixed the problem. Of course you'd want to use the IP address and name of your own print server there. This seems like a bug to me (shouldn't CUPS be able to access NetInfo to get this address?).
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10.4: Fix a CUPS remote printing problem
Authored by: justice on Jun 06, '05 11:24:36AM

This is an interesting coincidence. I'd been having the same problems printing to my HP LaserJet 1100 connected to my Linux system (running CUPS) ever since upgrading to Tiger. I finally beat my PowerBook and (newly acquired) Mac Mini into submission on this front this weekend, but I had no clue what I'd done that had fixed things. However, this hint clears up what happened, I think. Tiger, by default, does not consult NetInfo for name resolution, or else does it at some really stupid point in the process (like after consulting the name servers, which in my experience often returned results that they shouldn't be). After manually forcing the name resolution order to consult NetInfo before going to DNS and adding a host entry for the linux box, things started working. I guess I should've realized that it was what had fixed it, but I'd mainly made the change so that I could 'ssh erdos' instead of 'ssh', so the two things didn't click in my mind.

Thanks for this hint, as it gives me a reason for why things started working, and I'm sure will save others headaches. I'm not sure if there's a hint on changing the order in which name resolution is done, but if not, reply here and I'll either submit the method I used as a hint or post a comment here.

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10.4: Fix a CUPS remote printing problem
Authored by: pjdmd on Jun 06, '05 12:13:25PM

printing probs here as well.

I have an HP 3380. it prints, but now it takes 5 or so seconds for it to even come up with the print dialog box. no techie here, don't know how to fix, but I agree, Tiger seems to be slower in this regard.

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10.4: Fix a CUPS remote printing problem
Authored by: clknight on Jun 06, '05 12:20:23PM

I have a Samsung ML-1430, and it's driver was wiped out completely by Tiger. I've since discovered that Samsung has a new driver, which isn't supported in the US but can be obtained from their global web site by searching for "ML-1430 Macintosh" and going to the driver download page. The newest driver is at the bottom of the list, "for OS 10.2.4 and later (1.0)" It works perfectly with Tiger.


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10.4: Fix a CUPS remote printing problem
Authored by: ghinteclinn on Jun 06, '05 12:50:05PM

Did you try "beigeg3.local"? Macs on the same local network can be found as "name.local" where "name" is the machine's name. Works for me for printing, ssh, etc.

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Try using Howl
Authored by: matt1980 on Jun 06, '05 01:27:45PM

For your Linux box, something that might help even more would be to install Howl. Howl gives you, among other things, a mDNSResponder daemon for your Linux box, which allows your Macs to find it via "hostname.local" without a DNS server present (just like your Macs can do with each other), making your mixed network seem a lot more cozy.

It comes as source, and interestingly it wouldn't compile on YDL (which I assume you're running) back when I tried it, but there was a simple fix I made to one of the headers, all I had to do was add a line just to tell it that the PPC linux architecture was "Big Endian".

If that fix hasn't been integrated into the source code out there now, let me know and I can dig up where that line's been a while so I don't remember of the top of my head and the old UMAX S900 that I did it on is in the closet--still has YDL installed, though...It should be fairly easy to figure out--it said the problem in the compile errors, and I figured it out and I have very little experience with Linux, that fix was about the deepest I've ever gotten.

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10.4: Fix a CUPS remote printing problem
Authored by: jkotran on Jun 07, '05 01:31:58PM

I am having the same exact problem, except that I am running local DNS. Via the command line on the Tiger box lpstat -a returns valid info:

printer foo@printhost.home is idle.

However, via the printer browser it does not show properly.

I added the CUPS server as recommended, but that does not help.

- Joe Kotran

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Tiger's print setup utility sucks
Authored by: hardcoreUFO on Jul 05, '05 07:05:19PM

I'm not sure what apple was thinking when they changed the print setup utility for 10.4. What used to be a simple, painless procedure is now a harrowing ordeal. The utility cant seem to see any of the networked printers, even though CUPS (using the browser interface) sees them fine. Perhaps one can downgrade to the Panther utility?

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