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Share an iPod Shuffle's iTunes library between two Macs Apps
My wife and I share two PowerBook G4s; one of them is about 2x the speed of the other, so whoever gets first pick uses that one. A problem comes when I want to synch my iPod Shuffle, and my wife is using the computer that it is linked to. Here is a fix so I can use it on both Macs. First, delete (or move) your music folder on the Mac that the iPod is not linked to. Next go to Network and find the the Mac that the iPod is linked to, and mount your home directory. Next, Command-Option drag your Music folder from the iPod Mac to the non-iPod Mac -- this makes an alias.

Now when you start up iTunes, you will see all your songs from the other Mac, and you can plug in your iPod shuffle without any problem. A little warning that iTunes will get very mad if it doesn't have access to the Mac where your itunes library is stored when you launch it. A better solution might involve making a copy and then using rsync to keep things synced, or to store (a small) music folder on your .Mac account.
,br> One more thing is that you can do the same with your pictures folder and iPhoto.
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Apple needs to give us better solution
Authored by: jscotta on Jun 02, '05 11:41:42AM

It is nice that we have the power of UNIX for making workarounds like this one, but we shouldn't have to. It would be great if Apple would provide us with a better solution. One idea would be to utilize the iSync technology as the basis for allowing us to share the music library to wherever we are. In this particular case, between two Macs for the same person. We are constantly bombarded with the idea that the network is becoming the computer. If that is true, then it should not matter which particular piece of hardware we happen to access our data with (from an identity perspective). This is certainly one use I can see for a cheap server-like device in a the home.

Windows because I have to. OS X because I want to.

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Apple needs to give us better solution
Authored by: bdkennedy1 on Jun 02, '05 04:05:04PM

Yeah it just amazes how the geniuses at Apple can over look stuff like this.

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