Taboo - Prevent tab closing stupidity in Safari

May 18, '05 10:17:00AM

Contributed by: robg

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A simple PotW this week, as it really only does one thing. Taboo is a plug-in for Safari that warns you if you hit the red close button and you have more than one tab open. That's it. But in my workflow with hints, this is a key feature -- I usually open 15 to 20 tabs, each containing a hint to be reviewed. I will then open additional windows as I go to check other sites, documentation, etc. Sometimes, especially after having switched out of Safari and back, I'll accidentally click the close box on the wrong window, and presto, there go all my Hints tabs. Taboo prevents this, popping up a warning when I try to do something stupid.

Taboo also has the ability to override Safari's new "you're downloading an application, continue?" warning message, via a simple command-line preference switch. I don't use this feature, though, as I always leave this option disabled (although 10.4.1 fixes the issue with widgets auto-installing themselves, I still don't trust the browser to make decisions for me!).

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