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10.4: Change the Stickies widget's colors System 10.4
Tiger only hintI like Dashboard's Stickies widget, and use it all of the time, but I wanted some colors other than pastels. For example: a bright red one that would jump out at me for "to do" items.

I found it pretty easy to do by going to /Library/Widgets/, then control-click on the Stickies.wdgt and select Show Package Contents from the pop-up. Next, open the Images folder, and you'll find the images used for the stickies colors. Open the pink.png (or some other color that you don't use) with Photoshop (or your favorite graphics editor), and save it as a copy on the desktop called red.png. Then use the paint tool and paint it red or whatever color you like; I even added a gradiant effect. Save your changes, and copy it back into the Images folder, typing your password when prompted.

Next you'll need to back up the original pink.png and replace it with the red one using the following commands in the Terminal:
$ cd /Library/Widgets/Stickies.wdget/Images
$ sudo mv pink.png oldpink.png  [enter your password when prompted]
$ sudo mv red.png pink.png
Open a stickie and select the pink color, and you now have a red stickie pad. If you ever want to change it back to pink, just swap the oldpink.png with the pink.png in the Terminal.

[robg adds: Since these are just image files, you can do whatever you like to them. For instance, in the above screenshot from my system (shrunk a bit to fit here), I added the word IMPORTANT in the image.
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10.4: Change the Stickies widget's colors
Authored by: adrianm on May 27, '05 12:36:43PM

All you need now is for important stickies to jump out of the dashboard layer on to the desk top to remind you of things.

Oh hang on, you could use iCal todos for that.

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10.4: Change the Stickies widget's colors
Authored by: sfodden on May 27, '05 01:04:54PM

Cool and all... but why use Dashboard widget Stickies rather than plain old Stickies? Is it this ability to change colours / backgrounds? Seems to me a hidden to-do is do-later. Okay, you could bring it to the surface with an app like Amnesty or via Dashboard development mode, but my genuine question is why would I want to bother?

I continue to be underwhelmed by Dashboard and am curious about what others see in this and that widget.

Simon F.

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10.4: Change the Stickies widget's colors
Authored by: osxpounder on May 27, '05 01:50:43PM

I find the Sticky widget completely inferior. I'm very glad they left Stickies in when they shipped Tiger. I have integrated Stickies into my workflow [and I rely on Exposť to make Stickies easily usable with one whack of the F9 key]. Beats the tar out of Dashboard's sticky.


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10.4: Change the Stickies widget's colors
Authored by: renderhead on May 27, '05 03:38:09PM

I personally use the Dashboard stickies as a sort of clipboard when I have two or more strings of text that I'm continually copying and pasting. For example, if I'm writing a script for a skit, I don't want to type "Character 1" and "Character 2" over and over every time one of them speaks (and I don't have specialized software for script writing because I only do it occasionally). To deal with this, I bring up Dashboard and type "Character 1" on one line of a sticky and "Character 2" on the next line. While I'm typing the script, I can leave my cursor where I left the Dashboard sticky. When I need to put "Character 1" into my script, I hit F12, move my mouse very minimally, and triple click on its line on the sticky. I do the same for "Character 2".

I find this preferable to the traditional Stickies program because it keeps the Stickies perpetually "on top" of everything without actually covering anything up. With regular stickies, I either have to let them get covered and then find them again with expose (which doesn't leave them in the exact same position if you open new windows in the meantime), or I use "keep on top", which will inevitably cover up something that I need to click on.

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10.4: Change the Stickies widget's colors
Authored by: yitz on May 28, '05 04:45:54PM

i like widgets in general because i'm tired of how much memory stupid lil one-use applications take up, now they are all being manager by one app.. (i haven't looked extensively w/ process viewer or anything --i'm just trusting apple to make them more efficient this way)

also, widgets, being javascript & html mean that i can modify them as needed -- for example, the tip listed here is an inconvenient hack when imho the beauty of widgets is that i could go in and add another color to the menu by modifying the html/javascript/css..

as a final ps. dhtml+css+javascript can replace many things that we consider apps nowadays. for example, i'm working on a webpage that will replace the functionality of outlining software (like omni outliner) rather than purchasing a piece of such software since it's trivial to do nowadays in a browser. in this i consider widgets a step in the right direction.

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