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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons Apps
Tiger only hintSome people have complained about the strange look of Mail's toolbar, particularly the left indent on the buttons. It's actually quite easy to un-indent it -- Control-click on the toolbar, choose Customize Toolbar (or just use View -> Customize Toolbar), and then drag away the flexible space that's causing the indent. I couldn't just Command-drag it away, as you can with the buttons. Now, if I could have my status line back, Apple?

[robg adds: This is a pretty basic tip, but I know the indent has bothered some folks, and they may not know about customizing the toolbar -- so please hold the sarcastic comments! And regarding the status line, while it's definitely gone and I'd like it back, most of its functionality is now in the main window titlebar -- it will show total and unread counts for the chosen mailbox(es).]
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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: Mucho Grande on May 24, '05 10:22:04AM

You could also control click the indented space, and then select remove item.

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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: diamondsw on May 24, '05 11:50:50AM

Rob, the status bar also showed, well, *status* on whatever Mail is doing at the time. When I'm checking mail, I have no idea if it's getting hung up on an account, or if some background task like "updating Junk mail status" is running without opening the Activity Window, which is *very* annoying.

If you remove the "bubbles", there's no feedback whatsoever that you clicked "Get Mail",for instance, as the icon itself doesn't highlight, there's no status bar, and if there's no new mail (or a slow server), there is no UI feedback whatsoever.

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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: thombo on May 24, '05 12:47:59PM

I agree this is a little silly. I finally got up and running with my mail last nite. Before I had gotten my SMPT server settings right, i tried sending a message and had no idea what was going on until 1 or 2 minutes later when all of a sudden an Outbox mailbox was created and i got a message asking to verify my password. I'd like to see a Status Bar telling me "connecting to SMPT server...sending/receiving 2 of 3...etc). I thought i just wasnt seeing the new place where this info was being displayed, is there really no way to display?

Diamondsw, what do you mean by remove the bubbles?

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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: chaagen on May 25, '05 02:46:24AM
10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: RobertBen on May 24, '05 01:29:51PM

Exactly, the removal of the status bar is probably one of the biggest mistakes in this version of Mail, and the removal of the Inbox still baffles me as well.

If I send files I can't even see the size of my email. (I appreciate that you can with pictures though, and the resize function is great as well)
A quick click on the Outbox while sending used to do the trick, I don't have the first idea where to find it now... :-(

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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: kholburn on May 24, '05 08:00:52PM

I agree the mising status bar is bad but what do you mean by: "Removal of the InBox"? It hasn't been removed on mine.

I also don't undeerstand what you mean by: "I can't even see the size of my emails"? I always had the size column showing. That hasn't changed. You could always click on the drafts and it should show you.

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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: aj_fischler on May 25, '05 05:51:48AM

The missing status bar has been an irk to me in an otherwise solid upgrade (hell, I'm even one of those people who actually <em>likes</em> the new toolbar design). What kills me even more is the very obvious place they should have it: at the bottom of the window, just like it is in the web browser they make.

Or maybe I'm just pining for the ability to check a URL in an HTML email by just hovering over it.

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Status bar is dead, long live Activity Viewer
Authored by: ash7 on May 25, '05 11:53:57PM

The Activity Viewer in the Window menu now replaces the status bar and is probably a bazillion times more helpful. You can view all running processes and kill ones that are taking a long time (say, updating color on 4,000 messages... slow!). Yes, it's not as nice as having something integrated that constantly tells you what is running, but it does give you more functionality as a tradeoff. I obscure it 90% with the main window so I can see if *something* is active.

Actually, if the status bar did those things in Mail 1.x, I wouldn't know, since I considered Mail to be an abomination until Tiger. :-)

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Bring back my status bar!
Authored by: Brontojoris on May 24, '05 07:37:27PM

I second the motion for the return of the Status bar line. A single click on it's radar animation was the simplest way to bring up the progress window.

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10.4: How to unindent Mail's toolbar buttons
Authored by: sjmills on May 24, '05 09:07:31PM
I'd much rather see total/unread right beside each mailbox instead of having to remember that the title bar of the window changes to reflect this every time I select a different mailbox. That's a very wrong use of the titlebar. I also submitted a bug that the stupid (and useless - I know the messages are on my local machine) tooltip shows up and obscures the message you just brought up.

The integrated mailbox list was a good move, and the toolbox buttons look just fine to me, but they really need to address the status display and message count problems.

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