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10.4: iSync fails to run when moved Apps
Tiger only hintI like to keep my applications organized by type (e.g., Internet, Security, Entertainment, Multimedia, etc.) in sub-directories of the "Applications" directory. I hadn't tried out iSync 2.0 on Tiger until I picked up a Zire 31 on clearance (great deal -- $99).

I installed Palm Desktop 4.2.1 and the associated Hotsync application, and all seemed to work until I wanted to configure iSync to sync iCal and Address Book with the Palm. Every time I started iSync, it would bounce in the dock for a few seconds and then close, giving the standard "application quit unexepctedly" error. After trying everything I could think of short of reinstalling Tiger, I remembered that I once had an issue back in Jaguar with an application's location on my hard drive. I had moved iSync to an "Apps & Tools" directory within "Applications," so I dragged it up to the root of "Applications" and double-clicked. Lo and behold, it worked! If I drag iSync to any other directory it fails to launch. Apparently not all Mac apps are as 'portable' as I tell my Mac envious Windows-user-friends.

[robg adds: We've covered issues like this here before, but the release of 10.4 seems a good time to reinforce the mesage: for best results, do not move Apple's applications to new homes. I know this is completely against "the Mac way," and it's one of the things about OS X that bugs me, but really, things just work better if you let them be. If it really bothers you, you can use symbolic links and invisible file settings to make it seem as though things have moved around (a hint explaining how to do just that will be upcoming sometime soon).]
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10.4: No need to move apps around under Tiger
Authored by: dmmorse on May 23, '05 02:39:11PM

Instead of moving the apps around, or creating symbolic links or aliases to the apps, why not just make good use of smart folders and Spotlight?

For example, for all your Internet apps, place "internet" in the Spotlight comment (under Get Info) and then make a smart folder to find all items in your "Applications" folder with the term "internet" in the Spotlight comment field.

Do this for each category of applications. and you have all your applications sorted automatically. Even better, use Automator to create a workflow that adds your key words to the Spotlight comment (I actually have a set of applescripts already programmed that perform this function for me - let me know if you want them and I'll post them after I get home tonight).

No more needing to move apps around now, as they show up wherever you want them!

(to RobG: feel free to publish this as a separate hint if you think it merits)

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10.4: iSync fails to run when moved
Authored by: sd on May 23, '05 03:04:36PM

FALSE: you CAN move iSync in any folder. But only if the path does not contain any space character. For instance an "Apps & Tools" directory within "Applications" is not acceptable for iSync, but /Applications/Tools is OK...
But I agree it is poor programming. I hope that everyone will send a crash report so that Apple will fix that in next release.

(And I do not agree with robg: one can perfecly move Apple's applications to new homes, except for updates, which is a pity at a Spotlight era.)

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10.4: iSync fails to run when moved
Authored by: robg on May 23, '05 08:09:07PM

I was referring mainly to updates, sorry, I should have added that. Yes, Apple (and other) apps will run just fine from other spots, mostly. There are some games, for instance, that I've owned that simply would not run unless located in /Applications. Same for some minor utilities.

But upgrades are the real reason not to move things about -- the updaters always seem to be hardcoded to update only within /Applications. Hence, in the long run, it's just easier to leave things where they least, that's my method :).


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iWork will fail to update if moved
Authored by: ash7 on May 24, '05 01:58:28PM

So, I wouldn't call your opinion unfounded, rob. :)

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10.4: iSync fails to run when moved
Authored by: n8gray on May 24, '05 02:49:47AM

Please report this as a bug to Apple. Maybe if enough of us do they'll fix it.

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