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A possible fix for an iTunes 4.8 error 400 Apps
If you recently upgraded iTunes, you may have problems authenticating, viewing your cart, or shopping. There are two errors which have been occuring recently. The first seems to be 502, I believe, and this appears to be resolved: If you cannot connect to the store and do not receive a 400 error, then it has been suggested that clicking the home icon repeatedly may solve this problem.

The second error is that some Cookies from with names that start with s_vi_ cause iTunes to produce error 400. Back up your cookies file (~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist), launch Safari, and delete all the s_vi_ cookies. This worked for me, but you may need to remove all cookies (including any prefaced with a word like or remove all of your cookies. Unfortunately, this means you have to login to any area of Apple's site you visit frequently and plug-in or keychain your password (what I'm trying to avoid). Read on for a more detailed version of these instructions.

Long Version:
  1. Quit Safari and iTunes.
  2. Make a new folder on your desktop and name it backup cookies.
  3. Navigate to ~/Library/Cookies/ and copy Cookies.plist to the folder you created in step two
  4. Launch Safari.
  5. Select Safari -> Preferences -> Security, and click Show Cookies.
  6. Enlarge the window and scroll down until you see the cookies from that start with s_vi.
  7. Click on the first s_vi cookie, release the mouse, scroll to the last one, hold down Shift, and click and release on the last one. (If your cookies are not sorted so that all the s_vi cookies from Apple are contiguous, then you'll have to delete them individually).
  8. Select Remove not Remove All, click Done, quit Safari.
  9. Launch iTunes and login to your account. This should work now; it works for me.
I'm trying to isolate which specific cookies cause the problem. I'm going with characteristics. So far I have: name length, expires date, expires time, and contents as possible culprits. Splitting them for debugging isn't the easiest, since I have quite a lot of them. Any suggestions are welcome and if someone only has a few s_vi's, then finding the problem one there (if it's not all of those) would be great.
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A possible fix for an iTunes 4.8 error 400
Authored by: jasont on Jun 20, '05 10:46:03PM

I'm going to quote this in as someone followed up on this and found what appear to be the offenders. Also, it appears that for some people the cookies come from a different domain (not; but the fix (can we not entertain the hint/not hint debate for a few hours pls ? ;) ) I described still works with those (s_vi's). This is the followup (from Barry Quinn in Apple Discussions)

"I managed to isolate this down to 3 cookies on my machine. I sorted by cookie name and scrolled down to those beginning with s_vi as mentioned above.
The 3 causing me a problem began:

I tried various combinations, but it was only when these 3 were deleted, was I able to sign in to the iTMS.

I am not sure whether or not personally identifiable information is revealed in the name of these cookies, hence I have posted only the first few characters. The names of these cookies were much shorter than the other Apple cookies on my system, if that's any help."

As always, your mileage may vary.

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Fixed problem trying to write a review in iTunes 8
Authored by: ptwithy on Oct 02, '08 04:26:43AM
I stumbled here when iTunes 8.0 would not let me post a review, telling me that I needed to check my computer clock (and sending me to the iTunes for Windows help page, despite me being on OS X). On a hunch, I just deleted the s_vi cookie from and all is well again. Interestingly, no new s_vi cookie gets created. I guess this was just some stale turd that should have expired long ago...

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