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May 09, '05 11:20:00AM

Contributed by: robg

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Diablotin is a preference pane that helps you manage various installed bits of OS X. If you're having trouble with something, for instance, and you suspect that a certain preference pane or menu extra might be causing it, Diablotin will let you disable just that item. The interface is clean and easy to use, as seen at left (full-size version).

The left-hand side contains a list of categories, including Contextual Menu items, internet plug-ins, preference panes, QuickTime plug-ins, and even screen savers and sounds. On the right, you'll see either a description of the category, or (when you select an item in that category) a display showing the item's name, it's status, and it's version. To disable an item, authenticate and then just uncheck its box. Although some changes may take place immediately, you'll probably want to reboot to make sure everything gets reset (especially with Preference Panes, for instance). You can even optionally enable System Library items for individual deactivation. This is not really a feature you should take advantage of unless you really know what you're doing -- if you're not careful, you could easily wind up with a machine that may not work well at all.

I haven't had to use Diablotin very often since installing it, but it's nice knowing that I have fine-grain control over various elements of the system if I need it at some point in the future. Note that Diablotin works in both 10.3 and 10.4.

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