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10.4: Sync Motorola A835 via Bluetooth System 10.4
Tiger only hintTo let iSync recognize the Motorola A835 phone, you have to modify this file: /Applications/ Contents/ PlugIns/ ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice/ Contents/ PlugIns/ PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin/ Contents/ Resources/ MetaClasses.plist. Open it using TextEdit, and just below this section:
<plist version="1.0">
And immediately above the first <key>, add in this new code. Save the file, activate Bluetooth on A835 and on Mac, and launch iSync. Choose "Add device" from the "Devices" menu, and iSync should now recognize the phone. I've even created an A835 icon if you want to use that, too. It has to be copied into the same folder as the MetaClasses.plist file.
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10.4: Sync Motorola A835 via Bluetooth
Authored by: Anonymous on May 19, '05 11:34:26AM

Has anyone managed to sync a Sony Ericsson P900 with 10.4?

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10.4: Sync Motorola A835 via Bluetooth
Authored by: timchet on May 19, '05 02:05:31PM

Or the LG pm325... *grin*

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10.4: Sync Motorola A835 via Bluetooth
Authored by: griffineyes on May 19, '05 06:18:58PM

How 'bout the Siemens SK65.

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10.4: Sync Motorola A835 via Bluetooth
Authored by: FARMER on May 19, '05 11:40:40PM

now, i don't wanna make this a "what about my phone" thread, but is there any consistency in how to change to code for other "unsupported" phones...? I own a motorola v975 and it comes with an usb cable and nothing but pc software... maybe sombody even knows a 3rd party software to be able to modify the skins and access the pictures on the phone...?

i don't really understand how inconsistent the manufactures are with making one phone really easy for everybody and other a real pain in the...
(well, i do know that this phone sucks, and yes, it was free... but i needed a new one...) ;-)

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10.4: Sync Motorola A835 via Bluetooth
Authored by: cakes on May 29, '05 11:13:01PM

you can use the same code posted by fabrizo above and change the model number "A835" to another motorola model and it should work, it's pretty much the same way i got my C650 to work

similarly you could find another manufactures phone in the MetaClasses.plist and swap in the model you want and it might work

if you're so inclined you can ad apropriatly named icons to the same folder to avoid using the generic phone icon if you're isnt supported natively

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Not with A630, I guess?
Authored by: TheToe on Jun 09, '05 10:49:48PM
I tried this with an a630 and couldn't get it to work.

I opened the MetaClasses.plist in TextWrangler, found A835 and replaced it with A630 (five times total), saved, opened iSync, and it still says it can't sync with the device.

Over bluetooth anyway... might it work over a USB cable? I have one on order, but have no idea if it will work in any way...

In this hint a reader says they got that hint to work with their A630, but... that hint appears not to work in Tiger. I can't find MotorolaConduit.bundle anywhere.

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10.4: Sync Motorola A835 via Bluetooth
Authored by: cynik on Jun 13, '05 09:58:58PM

I am also dying on the wire with a poxy v975. Sux. How can I do it, guys? Is it simply a matter of following the advice for other moto units but substituting the model number in the applescripts?

Cheers for any help.

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