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10.4: Non-installed corrupt fonts may choke Spotlight System 10.4
Tiger only hintI did a clean install of Tiger on a friend's 1.5GHz PowerBook. Initially everything looked great, 10.4 is even faster than 10.3.9. Then I started building the home folder, adding documents, photos and music. Still great. Then I added a folder for some older software, including fonts. Within minutes, CPU activity was hitting 90% according to MenuMeters. Activity Monitor showed two processes using most of the CPU: ATSServer and mdimport.

Spotlight was indexing the new material, and when it hit the old fonts, some of which were likely corrupt, ATSServer started thrashing and eating CPU time. I grabbed all the old fonts and threw them into the trash and emptied it. Remember, these fonts weren't installed in any fonts folder. They were just sitting in an archive folder for possible future use, simply on the machine.

Here's the interesting part: as the trash emptied, I could see CPU usage ramping down in Activity Monitor, like a fire going out. When the trash was almost empty, I got a message saying (three font names) couldn't be deleted because they were in use. I waited a few moments, emptied the trash again, and the three remaining fonts were deleted. Since then, the system has been fast, stable, and trouble-free. CPU usage is typically just a couple percent at idle. Kudos to Apple for an outstanding new OS X!
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10.4: Non-installed corrupt fonts may choke Spotlight
Authored by: jprickitt on May 18, '05 11:22:38AM

Any way to scan the drive and find fonts that are corrupt? I have a bunch hanging around on my drives that I don't use and would rather not trash ones that are ok.

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10.4: Non-installed corrupt fonts may choke Spotlight
Authored by: windrag on May 18, '05 11:39:31AM

Maybe hint-worthy itself is the fact that Font Book now validates fonts. I had a huge font-related mess and decided to try to deactivate some fonts when I found the new features. Just open Font Book, select all of the fonts in all of your Libraries, and choose File>Validate Font. Pretty quickly you'll get a list of your fonts and their integrity, and you can easily delete any that are corrupt. Hurray!

If you have fonts elsewhere on your system, you could do a search for font file types, then validate. FB will also install validated fonts for you. Cool

As font problems are kind of an 'Achilles' heel,' it's great that Apple has addressed this with new tools.

Also cool are the new Services menu items "Create collection from text" and " Create Library from text."

Ryk A. Groetchen | 700MHz iBook 16 VRAM G3 | 640MB RAM | OS X 10.4

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10.4: Non-installed corrupt fonts may choke Spotlight
Authored by: dkitsov on May 18, '05 12:22:35PM

Go to Applications>Font Book
Ckick All in the Collection culumn, then click on any font name once and do the Command+A to select all fonts. After that go to the File>Validate Fonts to check fonts for the corruption. Works only for installed fonts though.

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10.4: Non-installed corrupt fonts may choke Spotlight
Authored by: bughouse on May 18, '05 12:47:06PM

if you choose (FontBook) File > Validate File, you can scan a folder of non-activated fonts. nice! it does make life easier... hopefully FontBook will eliminate the need for Suitcase-like apps someday.

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10.4: Non-installed corrupt fonts may choke Spotlight
Authored by: giskard22 on May 18, '05 02:34:28PM

From my experience, it just seems like importing fonts into Spotlight takes a while. I copied the entire old postscript Adobe Type Library onto a PMG4 733. That's a couple thousand files totalling 300 MB. It took at least 10 minutes to get through them all. So maybe it's not a matter of corrupt fonts, but just waiting long enough.

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