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Install Adobe Creative Suite 2 on low-RAM Macs Install
The installer for Adobe Creative Suite 2 (CS2) fails with a warning if your Mac has less than 384 MB of RAM. Although the CS2 apps will run slower than intended on Macs with less RAM, the minimum can easily be changed to any amount by changing one line in one file. To begin, insert disc one of CS2 and then launch Disk Utility. From the File menu, create a new disk image from "Adobe Creative Suite Disk 1." Important: Make sure under the Image Format drop-down menu, you choose "read/write," and under Encryption you choose "none". After Disk Utility is finished creating the new image file, you can quit it. Next, double-click your newly created disk image to mount it.

Once mounted, control-click on the Adobe Installer and choose "Show Package Contents." Navigate to /Volumes: Adobe Creative Suite Disk 1: Adobe Contents: Resources: ACS-en_US.ami: Contents: Resources. Along the way, you'll have to control-click and "Show Package Contents" on ACS-en_US.ami. The file we'll be editing is named ami.plist.

Drag ami.plist to your Desktop to create a copy. Once copied, drag the new ami.plist over the icon for TextEdit. In TextEdit, scroll down until you see this section:

        <string>ram </string>
        <string>Minimum RAM error</string>
The figure 402653184 is simply 384MB in bytes. Change this figure to any amount of RAM you wish, just make sure the figure is in bytes! An easy way to calculate bytes is our old friend Google. Say you had 256MB of RAM and wanted to use this as your new minimum for CS2. Google for 256 MB in bytes. Your search result will be 268435456, and this is what you replace 402653184 with. After you've edited the minimum RAM to your desired amount, save the file.

The final step is to drag the freshly-edited ami.plist back to its home directory, overwriting the original file. You may have to authenticate once or twice to overwrite the existing file. (If for some reason, you are unable to overwrite ami.plist, first move the original to the trash, authenticating when needed. Then drag the newer ami.plist to the resources folder and authenticate when needed. If you use this method, make sure you empty the trash before you unmount the image.) Once the copy is complete, you can go back to the root of the disc, double-click on Adobe Installer, and begin your installation. You can also burn a copy of your edited CS2 Disk 1 with Disk Utility. Enjoy and happy creating!

Legal: Creating a backup copy of a CD/DVD that you own is legal in the US.
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Install Adobe Creative Suite 2 on low-RAM Macs
Authored by: Brock Lee on May 17, '05 02:43:08PM

Let's see. Adobe Creative Suite 2 Standard Software Edition retails for $899. Even for an educational version or an upgrade version it's still a substantial investment. 512MB of RAM from a reputable source will certainly be less than $150 and probably less than $90 depending on which kind of memory your computer takes.

I hope MacFiend is as interested in defending others' legal rights as much as s/he is willing to proclaim his/her own.

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Install Adobe Creative Suite 2 on low-RAM Macs
Authored by: MacFiend on May 18, '05 02:34:17AM
I appreciate your concern Brock,
That being said, the line about being able to make a copy of software you own was a copy/paste from similar hints on that involve editing a file on read-only media. Your reply contained references to the prices of RAM. You also mentioned the cost of the CS Suite. Some of us that pay $1000 for a software suite have to choose between purchasing it or purchasing additional RAM. It's obvious by your response that you don't have that problem. Bully for you! If this hint had no help or purpose for you, why did you post a comment on it in the first place?

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Install Adobe Creative Suite 2 on low-RAM Macs
Authored by: osxpounder on May 19, '05 01:05:05PM

MacFiend, thank you for the hints. I, for one, appreciate your time and effort. I'm sure I'm not the only who feels this way.


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