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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight Apps
Tiger only hint I am using the great application iView Media Pro (IVMP) for managing all my digital pictures, because the possibilities of this app for cataloging are far beyond iPhoto's capabilities.

IVMP stores all the metadata in its internal database, leaving the original pictures untouched. Additionally, IVMP can sync the medata back to the pictures, reflecting in XMP/IPTC/EXIF data for the picture. I thought I could use this metadata for searching in Spotlight, but unfortunately, Spotlight only searches for EXIF data, not for IPTC data (like location, people, etc.). In principle, it should be possible to write a Spotlight plugin which does this job, but I haven't found anything like this yet.

In order to find the pictures through Spotlight anyway, I've found out that the Title field in IVMP reflects in the EXIF title, which indeed is indexed by Spotlight. So I wrote a small AppleScript which collects the important metadata (Persons, Locations, Events, Captions) and writes them into the Title metadata. That's not the best solution one can imagine, because it doesn't allow one to search specifically on a certain field. But for typical one word searches ("Paris", "Berlin", "Portrait") it's perfect.

Usage: Select the pictures you want to update and run the AppleScript. Afterwards, sync the annotations back to the pictures. Please keep in mind that this script will OVERWRITE YOUR TITLE tags. That means, this data will be LOST! So if you've got important data in the Title tags, be sure to append them first e.g. to the caption. You could write another AppleScript for that ;-).

The script should be easy to understand, so feel free to modify it for your needs.
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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight | 8 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight
Authored by: jacobolus on May 17, '05 12:19:49PM

Spotlight grabs IPTC/XMP metadata for me. I'm not sure which one, or if it gets both, because I use Graphic Converter to tag my images, and by default it tags them with both XMP and IPTC metadata (at least I think that's what it does). Spotlight definitely includes this data in its database.

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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight
Authored by: jacobolus on May 17, '05 12:21:14PM

I should clarify. Spotlight picks up the "keywords" field. I'm not sure about the rest.

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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight
Authored by: sig eigei on May 17, '05 12:25:50PM

You can also use the Sync Annotations command in Action menu to copy metadata from within IVMP directly to the selected files from directly within the program.

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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight
Authored by: thomas_witt on May 17, '05 04:54:26PM
That's the problem, only certain fields will be indexed. But Location data e.g. won't be indexed, as many more. That's why I use this script. I just updated it a bit, so it will not only change the title but also add the missing data in the spotlight comments field. Again, it's easily customizable:

tell application "iView MediaPro" 
    set tmp to display dialog "Now replacing all titles. Existing data in these fields will be lost. This can take quite a long time. Are you SURE to continue?" buttons {"Cancel", "OK"} default button 1 
    if (the button returned of tmp is equal to "OK") then 
        set mySelection to the selection of catalog 1 
        tell windows 
            set view to media view 
        end tell 
        set oldDelimiters to AppleScript's text item delimiters 
        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ", " 
        repeat with myItem in mySelection 
            select myItem 
            if (the caption of myItem is not equal to "") then 
                set myCaption to the caption of myItem & " / " 
                set myCaption to "" 
            end if 

            if (the event of myItem is not equal to "") then 
                set myEvent to the event of myItem & " / " 
                set myEvent to "" 
            end if 

            if (the location of myItem is not equal to "") then 
                set myLocation to the location of myItem & " / " 
                set myLocation to "" 
            end if 

            if (the people of myItem is not equal to "") then 
                set myPeople to (the people of myItem as string) 
                set myPeople to "" 
            end if 

            set myAnnotations to the annotations of myItem 
            set fileComment to myCaption & myEvent & myLocation & myPeople 
            set the title of myItem to fileComment 
            set myPath to the path of myItem 
            export annotations myItem 
            tell application "Finder" 
                set comment of document file myPath to fileComment 
            end tell 
        end repeat 
        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldDelimiters 
        tell windows 
            set view to thumbnail view 
        end tell 
        display dialog "Finished metadata update successfully." buttons {"OK"} default button 1 
        display dialog "Metadata update cancelled!." buttons {"OK"} default button 1 
    end if 
end tell 

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Try this: a slideshow from Spotlight!!
Authored by: Deut3221 on May 17, '05 05:11:00PM

I followed the URL to learn how to batch apply keywords using iView. I choose a few files and applied a keyword tag, and then searched in Spotlight. Presto, there were the files.

Here's what you must try:
1) open Spotlight using Option, Command, Spacebar (not sure what you call this view);
2) type in the keyword that you tagged the images with;
3) the images should appear in Spotlight under the heading "images";
4) notice that in the heading "images" there is a small triangular arrow on the far right hand side of the header; click this arrow;
5) viola! a slideshow begins with the images that Spotlight identified according to your keyword.


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spotlight isn't indexing encrypted volumes
Authored by: pumasalad on May 18, '05 01:41:06AM

anyone know why spotlight doesn't pick up the keywords from an encrypted volume? even tho the volume is open, it doesn't appear to keep any spotlight indexing... I use iview to put keywords in about 120,000 photos but spotlight won't do the search as outlined above for keywords, it will only search on file name and date info.

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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight
Authored by: MacManDan on May 17, '05 12:45:56PM

iView Media Pro 2.6.4 (newest version) supports IPTC metadata in Spotlight, I thought. At least .. it works for me. I didn't have to use an AppleScript for spotlight to search iVMP's database.

How to work with Spotlight and iView MediaPro

Granted, it only searches only the City, Copyright, Country, Keywords, Product, and State IPTC fields, but that more than does it for me..

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10.4: Use some iView Media Pro data in Spotlight
Authored by: Old Toad on May 17, '05 01:13:07PM

With iView MediaPro Version 2.6.4 (Build 4018) Spotlight also retrieves the Caption field for me. However, it will not do so for tiff files, only jpgs.

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