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10.4: Upgrade install overwrites /etc/hosts file System 10.4
Tiger only hintIt seems that Tiger's installer overwrote my /etc/hosts file without asking. If, like me, you add aliases or override addresses using the hosts file on occasion, you won't want to lose this. Make a backup!

[robg adds: In general, if you've tweaked anything in a system-level directory, the chances are good your changes will be overwritten by the installer -- it happens with httpd.conf files, too. Before any sort of upgrade, back up everything, then you can get anything you like back afterwards...]
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10.4: Upgrade install overwrites /etc/hosts file | 5 comments | Create New Account
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In particular...
Authored by: Thom on May 13, '05 01:17:21PM
...especially if you use techniques like this one to prevent ads from being loaded on sites.

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Instructions broken in 10.4?
Authored by: magnamous on Aug 10, '05 12:46:34AM
I've been trying to do this in 10.4 and I can't get it to work. I've followed the instructions in your link, but it just isn't working. I even rebooted.

$ lookupd -configuration

ConfigSource: default
LookupOrder: Cache NI DS
MaxIdleServers: 4
MaxIdleThreads: 2
MaxThreads: 64
TimeToLive: 43200
Timeout: 30
ValidateCache: YES
ValidationLatency: 15
_config_name: Global Configuration

LookupOrder: Cache FF DNS NI DS
_config_name: Host Configuration
and my hosts file is all in order. But when I load the URL of an image from one of the servers listed in the hosts file, it still loads. I can't figure out what the problem could be...

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10.4: Upgrade install overwrites /etc/hosts file
Authored by: rwikoff on May 28, '05 03:57:07AM

I think it is also important to note that Tiger probably overwrites the httpd.conf file because Rendezvous has been renamed to bonjour.

If you had webDAV enabled before the old file will not work unless you change every instance of rendenzvous_apple to bonjour (the new name for zero conf. At least the uncommented ones.

For example the line reading:

LoadModule rendezvous_apple_module libexec/httpd/

needs to read

LoadModule bonjour_module libexec/httpd/

I have CGI's with SSI's and the bitxhack, vitual hosting, proxy serving, bonjour demarcated websites, and webDAV enabled on my system and after that one change (in each place) it all worked. The httpd.conf file is located at /etc/httpd/.

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10.4: Upgrade install overwrites /etc/hosts file
Authored by: ihelp-mac on Jul 23, '05 06:55:34PM

What I would like to know--being a total newbie regarding Apache configuration--is HOW to restore a garbled httpd.conf file in my "/private/etc/httpd" directory...??

Ever since upgrading to 10.4.0 (and still in 10.4.2) my Apache webserver is acting VERY strange. I use to do a domain-name redirect to link my domain-name to my temp IP address of my Mac.... Whatever happened during the 10.4 update wiped out the linkages to and I can't get it working again...

Any advice (or a "vanilla" httpd.conf file??) would be helpful!

David A. Lewis

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10.4: Upgrade install overwrites /etc/hosts file
Authored by: yangzone on Sep 16, '05 06:49:28PM

My Apache seems to be working OK in 10.4.2. 'Am also using But 'am using DNSUpdate to notify All is well. Though 'am unable to edit the Tiger hosts file (to be able to access the apache site from behind the router using the web url.) Instead it has to be accessed by using the local address.

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