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How to stream audio and video to a mobile phone Network
If any of you are interested in streaming your own video or audio handywork over the internet to your cell phone (be it a 2.5G phone or 3G phone), I've put together a little site with all you need to know. It's aimed at education, but there is nothing stopping you having a go yourself at home, if your Mac can be seen by the outside world -- that is, your home computer has an outside IP address on a broadband connection.
  1. You would need to download and install the binary version of the Darwin Streaming Server (DSS). It's open source, so no cost. After installing, then test out to make sure it's working. The Darwin Streaming Server Admin Guide is a great document.
  2. To convert your video or audio content out of Apple's iLife applications or QuickTime Pro and Final Cut Pro/Express, have a look at my tutorials.
  3. After your file has been converted to a 3GP file, then place it in onto your Darwin Streaming Server (more info).
  4. To then view it on your phone, make sure that you have internet access on it. Then enter the address of your server on your phone eg. rtsp://my-server/my-file.3gp.
  5. To make life easy for you and to browse your content, I suggest you use iWapper to create your WAP site on your .Mac site.
To have a look at my site on your phone:

[robg adds: I haven't tested any of this...]
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How to stream audio and video to a mobile phone
Authored by: _merlin on May 29, '05 10:56:17AM

Two things:

First, just because something is open source, you can't assume it will also be free. Darwin Streaming Server is open source and free, but not all open source products are.

Second, most 3G phones can browse regular HTML sites. There's no need for WAP. I own NEC e606, NEC e616 and Sony Ericsson Z800i, and all of them are fine with regular HTML. In fact, the NEC phones cannot access WAP sites at all.

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How to stream audio and video to a mobile phone
Authored by: profit on May 30, '05 07:04:00AM

Rather vague in the specifics. Sure this stuff is cool and _possible_ but it's rather carrier- and phone-specific. The key information should all be on this page:

Unfortunately, it's a bunch of 'ask your phone retailer' stuff. Right. The people who said that all Sprint phones work with iSync are going to know about carrier-unsupported video streaming stsndards. A little help here? Or is the point of the article to get people excited about streaming without letting them in on the secret that it won't really work on their phone?

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How to stream audio and video to a mobile phone
Authored by: youngflocko on May 30, '05 11:17:10AM

Cool hint !!

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From the hint's author...
Authored by: robg on Jun 06, '05 01:14:29AM
I was asked to post this by the author of the hint, so here it is ... a bit more explanation behind the site and its contents, as well as his background...
About the site:

I did this in my spare time, it took some time not in working out how to stream to cell phones but in doing all the writing side, being dyslexic English is not my strong point.

The site is not a commercial site at all, as my be some reads might possibly think so (may be by the look and feel of the site). The site is a reflecting in my own time out side of work of my personal research, as I work in Higher Education. Being that all the testing I've don out my own pocket expense with my own phone. I also have to rely on the kindness of end user taking the time to feed back on testing so I can biled up a pitcher of what phone networks support streaming though there networks. As I simply could not afford to do this with my own finding.

If any one is having any trouble on the server side they might want to have a look at soundscreen, it's a grate site! on the site you can find detailed settings for Firewall and NAT Router settings -

A friend of mine had a go at home. He spent a evening with his mac. He install Darwin Streaming Server, then did the firewall setting on his mac and editing streamingserver.xml on Darwin Streaming Server see - . After that he when configure his ADSL router and he was up and running :) So now he can edited iMovie work and place it on his mac and view any time any ware on his Sony-Ericsson phone.

Also I've been leasing with another ADE in the UK who had being following the online tutorials and uploading there content to our servers. If you would like to see there work then have a look here - and here

The contributions that people have made to Mac OS X Hints have helped in the past. It's more then right for me, to give back what others have given.

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