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Remove the PRO label from QuickTime 7 Player System 10.4
Tiger only hintI was annoyed at the ugly "PRO" text found next to the Quicktime 7 player's disabled Edit (and other) menu items. It was so ugly and "in-your-face" that I sought to remove it. Removal was easier than expected.

Select the Quicktime Player application in /Applications and Control-click it. Select Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu, open the Resources folder, and delete the ProMenuItem.tif file.

Start QuickTime Player, and the annoying PRO is gone!

[robg adds: I'm a firm advocate of non-destructive editing, so I'd suggest just renaming or moving the existing file, instead of deleting it.]
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Remove the PRO label from QuickTime 7 Player
Authored by: swat42572 on May 12, '05 11:28:58AM

This hint also works with QuickTime 7 for Panther. Good hint, by the way.

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Remove the PRO label from QuickTime 7 Player
Authored by: schneb on May 12, '05 12:01:48PM

Thank you!

I was gone from MacOSXhints for a couple months, licking my wounds after a severe flaming in the coatroom, so it is good to be back.

BTW, I agree with robg's comment. Yes, it would be better to rename the TIFF rather than delete it.

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Devil's Advocate
Authored by: gfoyle on May 12, '05 02:56:07PM

I agree that the PRO icon is very in your face and I do not like it. But what was Apple trying to achieve by putting this in? I think it was to advertise the difference between QuickTime and QuickTime Pro in a more effective way than the start-up pop-up does.

If we agree that reminding people what more they can do with QuickTime if they purchase a license is not a bad thing for Apple to do, how can they accomplish this in a less "in your face" way? I don't know and am honestly asking.

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Works for me!
Authored by: juz10mac on May 12, '05 11:33:43AM

This works for me. It's too bad, though, that you can't also remove the grayed-out text.

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Works for me!
Authored by: a-bort on May 12, '05 11:44:06AM

hehe :)

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Remove the PRO label from QuickTime 7 Player
Authored by: nvdingo on May 12, '05 01:01:16PM

Nice hint.
too bad apple wasn't kind enough to leave you with v6 PRO abilities when entering a valid, purchased QT6Pro license number, like they used to do.
damn it.

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Remove the PRO label from QuickTime 7 Player
Authored by: afb on May 12, '05 02:52:13PM
Apple really needs to stop charging extra for this basic functionality, especially with the cost of (almost yearly) upgrades to OS X (which are great). There are tons of apps that give you the same, indeed better, movie playback than QuickTime Player—now even iTunes can play full-screen. Why does Apple insist on the $29.99 that they've been charging since System 7 (I think) for this crippleware to be un-crippled?

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Remove the PRO label from QuickTime 7 Player
Authored by: gidds on May 12, '05 05:53:08PM
Well, yes, it would be very nice, but it's just struck me that they may not have the option.

It may be like the situation with iDVD. IIRC, the free version of that is only available with a DVD writer, and can only use that device; if you want to burn to anything else, you have to pay for iDVD. The reason for that is the DVD consortium, which enforces a licence fee for the ability to burn DVDs. That licence fee is included in the cost of a DVD drive, but the only way to make sure it's always been paid is to restrict burning to that drive, and to charge for the unrestricted version.

Maybe the same applies to QuickTime? One of the features that's only available in the Pro version is exporting to MP3; isn't a licence fee required for that to the Fraunhofer people?

So, much as we may hate the the upgrade fee, Apple may have no choice.


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Remove the PRO label from QuickTime 7 Player
Authored by: derrickbass on May 13, '05 06:05:05AM

No. QuickTime Pro is just a GUI around the editing and export functions of the Quicktime API, and those functions are available in the default install of QuickTime. If someone wanted to, they could write a clone of QuickTime Pro and give it away for free.

In fact there are lots of programs that provide some of the same functions as QT Pro (e.g. there are full screen players and there are export programs and there are programs that join and multiplex files and so on); I've written such programs, and no licensing is needed; you just write to the QT API and it works. (Actually, there's one exception: exporting MPEG-4 on Windows; the developer needs to get a license from MPEG-LA in order to use that part of QuickTime.)

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use 1 pixel TIFF file to replace PRO label
Authored by: mclbruce on May 12, '05 03:31:18PM

I decided to reduce the TIFF to one white pixel instead of deleting it. I figure somewhere in the code the image is called, I'll let that part of the code execute without an error.

When I make modifications like this I like to leave a copy of the original in place and add .original to it's file name. It's a nice benign suffix that helps document what I have done.

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Why use 1 pixel TIFF?
Authored by: juz10mac on May 13, '05 01:20:04PM

I have my own system for documenting modifications I make to the Mac OS. How do you know that a call to a 1-pixel image won't cause some error in the code? It obviously doesn't fit the parameters of the original image.

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