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10.4: View Dashboard widgets in Safari Web Browsers
Tiger only hintWant to run a widget in a browser? You can, quite easily in fact. Open the /Library/Widgets folder, and control-click on any widget (World Clock, for instance). Select Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu to open the package. Now just double-click on the WorldClock.html file, and see the widget load right up into your browser window. The widget will have all its normal functionality, including the 'reverse-flip' when you press the 'i' button. I realize that Widget developers know this, but I thought it was cool enough to mention.

[robg adds: I believe only Safari will display the widgets properly. I tried opening World Clock in Firefox and OmniWeb (which uses a slightly older version of Apple's WebCore). Firefox showed nothing at all; OmniWeb showed the blank clock, but the arms were missing and the UI didn't function. Safari has some extensions to HTML that are required for the widgets to work -- I'm not sure if these extensions are part of Apple's open source WebCore or not. If they are, future versions of OmniWeb should be able to display the widgets.

I realize that most developers out there will be saying "duh!" about this hint, but for the casual user, this is a good way to learn a bit more about widgets -- you can view the HTML source easily in either a browser or text editor, for instance. You can also take a look at the JavaScript files to see just what goes into making a widget...]
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10.4: View Dashboard widgets in Safari
Authored by: bigjake on May 04, '05 12:20:10PM

Again, this is probably self evident, but this hint means that you can view and mess about with widgets in Panther Safari as well (at least with OS 10.3.9 and Safari 1.3).

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10.4: View Dashboard widgets in Safari
Authored by: BarracksSi on May 05, '05 01:29:59AM

I haven't figured out how to do this on 10.3.9. I've tried two different widgets so far (TV Tracker and Yahoo Traffic Tracker, or whatever it's called) and although I can plainly see the relevant html files, they don't do anything in Safari 1.3.

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10.4: View Dashboard widgets in Safari
Authored by: rev on May 04, '05 12:58:54PM
This is covered in Apple's Dashboard development tutorial.

-J. 'rev'

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10.4: View Dashboard widgets in Safari
Authored by: zzen on May 08, '05 07:28:00AM

Actually, there are things you can view only in Dashboard, things which you can view in Safari aswell and things which might work in other browsers, too.

For example the Calculator or Stickies widgets almost work in FireFox. In Safari, they work completely (aswell as a slew of others). But FlightTracker (and others) work only in Dashboard.

Safari make only a few extensions to HTML (most notably the tag). Widgets that use it (like World Clock) don't work very well in other browsers. Dashboard adds on top of Safari a way to call various important functions via the window.widget JavaScript object. This is only available in Dashboard, thus things which require it stop working in Safari.

Regarding the posed questions: yes, all additions to HTML have been enrolled in the opensourced WebCore, so OmniWeb has perfect chance of supporting them. They have also been submited to a standards working group (WhatWG).

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