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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3 Install
Tiger only hintThe first machine I tried to install my shiny new copy of Tiger onto was my Powerbook G3 Lombard (Bronze Keyboard). That's when I found out that Apple decided to remove my laptop from the list of supported installs.

Now I had only three options: (1) stay with OSX 10.3.9, (2) wait for XPostFacto to support Tiger, or (3) find a workaround. I chose door number three..

I had just spent a large chunk of money on new memory and a larger hard drive only to find out that Apple's newest OS won't work. Some internet searching proved that the pre-releases of Tiger did work with the Lombard Powerbooks, so my belief was that Apple just changed the installer to exclude my favorite computer. I was correct. Here is how I was able to install OSX 10.4 on my Powerbook G3 Lombard.
  1. Attach an external hard drive to the laptop (I have a PCMCIA firewire card so I used a firewire drive, but I imagine a USB drive would work, too.)
  2. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to place a copy of the laptop hard drive onto the external drive.
  3. Move the external drive to a Mac supported by the Tiger installer (I used my G4, if you don't have one, find a friend who does.)
  4. Install Tiger onto the external drive.
  5. Move the drive back to the laptop.
  6. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the external drive onto the laptop internal drive
I now have a working copy of Tiger running on my Powerbook G3 Lombard. I've only had it working for a couple of hours, but I haven't found anything that doesn't work like it should.

[robg adds:A hint from earlier today provides another possible solution...]
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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: earthsaver on May 03, '05 01:47:55PM

Target Disk Mode won't work as described to install Tiger on a Lombard because this computer didn't come with FireWire built in and (therefore) doesn't support TDM over FireWire; only SCSI.

- Ben Rosenthal
Q16 1.25 - Tiger

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: qwerty denzel on May 04, '05 07:49:21AM

Yes the G3 after, also with a bronze keyboard (was it Pismo?), was the first to have firewire, replacing the SCSI. I think it was the last one before the G4, maybe with a minor spec increase just before?

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: mmeyer on May 29, '05 10:09:45AM

I successfully installed 10.4 on my Lombard, and it has been working fine now for a couple of days (it actually seems a little bit faster). To do it, I yanked the hard drive (which takes all of five minutes in the Lombard, and hooked it up to a G5 as an external firewire drive. Once the drive mounts, you can install 10.4 without any problems. Once the hard drive is reinstalled in the Lombard, everything boots up just fine.

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how could you do this with carbon copy cloner ?
Authored by: Safar on May 03, '05 02:30:04PM

by using pseudo, by using a non-password protected account ?

Tiger compatibility
If you've upgraded to Tiger you may have noticed that CCC does not seem to work. Apple updated the authentication sceme of AppleScript Studio (yea!) and there's a little bit of work to be done to get that part of CCC working again.  I am planning an update to CCC but I do not currently have an ETA as I have some additional features and a large QA matrix.  In the meantime, keep in mind that you can use the Disk Utility application to clone one disk to another as well as to create a disk image of your hard drive.

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how could you do this with carbon copy cloner ?
Authored by: vogunaescht on May 03, '05 03:53:11PM

CCC works in 10.3.x but not in 10.4. this doesn't mean it can't make a functional copy of a 10.4 drive onto another drive while running under 10.3.x

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: Gutta on May 03, '05 06:56:29PM

Much, much easier is to remove the drive from the Lombard (takes about 45 seconds) and install it in an extrenal FW drive, hook it up to a machine with Firewire and DVD, install Tiger then replace in Lombard. Or at least that's the way I did it.

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: jonahlee on May 06, '05 01:06:12AM

Yea but you need a 2.5" Firewire housing, it doesn't have the same connectors as a 3.5" Firewire housing.

- Jonah Lee

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: macman84 on May 03, '05 06:56:50PM

I was successfully able to run Tiger on a revision A iMac (over-clocked from 233MHz to 266MHz by yours truly) by putting its hard drive in my Cube and then putting it back into the iMac, no issues at all. Still makes quite the e-mail/solitaire machine for my mother. Additionally, I've discovered you can no longer execute the installer directly from /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg to install on an external drive.

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: aero319 on May 03, '05 09:56:25PM

I did the same thing with my iMac rev.C. I put my HD in a Quicksilver and installed Tiger from there. The iMac runs great, especially with a 500 MHz G4 in it. Anyway, built in firewire doesn't seem to be a real system requirement.

Grape iMac:
500 MHz G4
512 MB RAM
40 GB 7200 RPM HD

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: jonahlee on May 05, '05 08:24:42AM

Now the question is if CPU Director 2.0b1 from Powerlogix will work with the Lombard Blueforce upgrade in Tiger (it says that version has Tiger support, so hopefully it will activate the cache).

- Jonah Lee

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: jrsharp on May 10, '05 05:28:44PM

I came up with a way to install Tiger on the Lombard directly by creating a modified DVD. (only applicable to DVD-ROM models, of course) You can read about it here:

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10.4: Install Tiger on a Lombard PowerBook G3
Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Jun 11, '05 02:10:10AM

jrsharp's article is no longer to be found at that link. Here it is--though the process he describes is more elaborate than the methods described above, it's technically interesting, or actually useful if you can't follow the approaches above for some reason:

Installing Tiger on Lombard

Ok guys, I know what I said earlier about not getting Tiger to install, but I got to thinking about it and I had an idea. After digging around on the Tiger Install DVD, I found my answer. Here's what I did to get the installer to install on my Lombard:

First, I created a CD/DVD master image from the Tiger Install DVD using Disk Utility. Then, I mounted the image. Then I found the OSInstall.dist file in:


on the image. [jonsaw: open it with TextEdit] Near the top of the file is a line that specifies a list of "badMachines", or some such. In that list is "PowerBook1,1", the model code for the PowerBook G3 Lombard. I simply modified that entry to read "PowerBook3,1". I then unmounted the image and burned it to DVD-R. My Lombard booted right up the installation DVD as it had before, but this time I received no error messages regarding unsupported hardware.

So, there you have it! It turned out to be much simpler than I had expected. Now, I must admit that I have not performed the installation of Tiger yet, so I cannot yet verify that the installation will complete successfully, but I plan to install a new HD in the machine and test it out at least before going back to Gentoo. I really don't think Tiger will perform very well on this old machine, but it's fun to try it out. :)

Now, a note for Lombard users without a DVD drive: I would expect that you could perform the same operation on the CD version available as a special order from Apple.

jonsaw comment:
This is a brilliantly simple hack. However, changing the "badmachine" listing to "PowerBook3,1" prevents the DVD from installing onto a Powerbook G3 Firewire (Pismo). I think it's better to delete the reference to Powerbook1,1 altogether. "Powerbook2,1" is the first clamshell iBook, which I suspect will run Tiger just fine too, so you might as well delete that too.

The actual line from the OSInstall.dist file:

var badMachines = ['iMac','PowerBook1,1','PowerBook2,1', 'AAPL,Gossamer', 'AAPL,PowerMac G3', 'AAPL,PowerBook1998', 'AAPL,PowerBook1999'];

I would remove the first three references ('iMac','PowerBook1,1','PowerBook2,1'), to change this to:

var badMachines = ['AAPL,Gossamer', 'AAPL,PowerMac G3', 'AAPL,PowerBook1998', 'AAPL,PowerBook1999'];

since removing 'iMac' allows installation onto the tray-loading iMacs; removing 'Powerbook1,1' allows installation onto the clamshell iBook; and removing 'PowerBook2,1' allows installation onto the Powerbook G3 Lombard-- Tiger will run on all of these. However, the remaining installation problem with these models, using the original Tiger installer DVD, is finding one that contains a DVD drive, so you're better off exchanging the Tiger installer DVD for CDs (through Apple), and modifying the installer CD. You can't install 10.4 onto these models via Target Disk mode, since these models don't support Target Disk Mode, since they don't have Firewire ports. The Gossamer is the beige G3, which I know Tiger won't run on, nor install on, until XPostFacto is updated to do it; I don't know which model the 'PowerMac G3' is, unless it's a variation on the beige G3; and the 'PowerBook1998' and 'Powerbook1999' are the Wallstreet Powerbooks, about which I'm not sure yet. I also noticed that the list of badmachines above, doesn't include the 350 mhz slot-loading iMacs, even though they don't have built-in Firewire, so I suspect the 10.4 installer will run on these Macs without modification.

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