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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users System 10.4
Tiger only hintI use a Mac Mini with a KVM switch (to share display, keyboard and mouse between it and my PC). My keyboard and mouse combo is the Logitech MX 900 for Bluetooth kit, although this tip may well apply to others also. Under Tiger, I found that every time I switched between machines on my KVM, the Keyboard Setup Assistant would run, asking me to press the key directly to the right of the left-hand Shift key. When this first happened, I thought it was a great way for OS X to tell whether I has a US, International or Japanese keyboard. However, having it appear every time I used the KVM (and even sometimes when simply waking from sleep!) was becoming a real annoyance.

I found that renaming the KeyboardSetupAssistant application prevented it from starting when I switched back to the Mac. NOTE: For convenience, make sure your keyboard is working how it should be before continuing. In my experience so far, OS X remembers the last setting (mine is ISO) even if KeyboardSetupAssistant is disabled. To disable the Keyboard Setup Assistant:

Open a Terminal window and type the following commands (the $ is the prompt):
$ cd /System/Library/CoreServices
$ sudo mv
Enter your password when asked. As with all things UNIX, if it worked, then you'll simply not see an error. The Keyboard Setup Assistant will no longer run when the keyboard is apparently reconnected after switching between machines with a KVM.

You may still run the Keyboard Setup Assistant by opening the renamed application -- KeyboardSetupAssistant-OFF in /System/Library/CoreServices.

You can reverse the change by re-entering the Terminal and typing these commands:
$ cd /System/Library/CoreServices
$ sudo mv
It's quite likely the reason I'm getting this behaviour isn't entirely due to the KVM switch. As mentioned, my keyboard is Bluetooth wireless. I do not use it with my Mini's built-in Bluetooth -- rather, I use the Logitech-provided base station. This is because it's much easier when sharing via a KVM -- the base unit simply gets switched between machines. Otherwise, I'd have to re-pair the keyboard and mouse to switch between Mac and PC. There's always a brief pause when the keyboard is first used after switching back to a machine via the KVM as devices are detected and the base unit reconnects. I think this is most likely what causes OS X to re-launch the Keyboard Setup Assistant.

Finally, this is a quick fix that I'd rather see done more elegantly. As it stands, this hint's working just fine for me, however it would be nice to be told about a preference or setting that I've overlooked which would have the desired result! Initially, I believed the "Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant at Startup..." option in System Preferences > Bluetooth may have some bearing on this, but apparently not.

Hopefully this will be useful to some others out there also!
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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users | 8 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users
Authored by: lenbudney on May 03, '05 03:52:59PM


I had the same problem with the KVM at work. This fixed it.

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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users
Authored by: ducasi on May 03, '05 05:17:59PM

I currently have both a Sun USB keyboard and an Apple keyboard connected to my Mac. Every time I restart the computer it asks me to identify the keyboard.

I'm going to remove the apple keyboard and see if that fixes the problem, but if it doesn't then I now know what to do!


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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users
Authored by: graphex on May 03, '05 09:32:35PM

I made the change noted in the hint and it worked, but securityd and DiskManagementTool started crashing when mail tried to login. Somehow it was related to the missing keyboard setup assistant, as they went back to working normally after I changed the name back to normal.

Once securityd is gone, you're pretty much screwed as far as changing things back, since you can't authenticate as ANYONE anymore. Luckily, there was some time after restart but before securityd crashed where I could undo this change.

Also note that the system log reports that something has gone wrong:

May  3 19:08:22 localhost kernel[0]: USBF:	20.226	IOUSBHIDDriver[0x344db00]::start - super::start returned false!
May  3 19:08:22 localhost kernel[0]: USBF:	20.226	IOUSBHIDDriver[0x344db00]::start - aborting startup

Hopefully a less buggy fix for the stupid Keyboard Setup Assistant issue will present itself. It is very, very annoying.

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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users
Authored by: displaced on May 04, '05 09:34:23AM

That sounds nasty -- glad you managed to undo the damage!

I've not had such problems since making the change. I wonder what combination of factors is tripping up your machine. For reference, I've had no issues with crashing background processes, Mail logins, user authentication or switching at all.

The only side effect for me is the following line appearing in the console log whenever an attempt to launch the Assistant would be made:

May  4 14:30:09 Clementine loginwindow[65]: launchKeyboardSetupAssistant FSPathMakeRef failed with -43

... which looks like a pretty reasonable way of saying "hey, I can't find that!"

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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users
Authored by: Baggins on May 04, '05 07:48:24AM

Same problem here. Instead of renaming the file, I used batchmod to clear the read permission flag for all users and groups.

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A less drastic solution
Authored by: Skurfer on May 07, '05 11:29:14AM

You might not need to make any modifications to your system...

I was having this problem as well. I took the keyboard off of the KVM and connected it directly to the computer, identified it to the Keyboard Setup Assistant, then plugged it back into the KVM and I haven't been prompted since. Not sure if it's really fixed or not, but it looks OK so far.

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Helpful for teleport
Authored by: tdearborn on Nov 09, '05 02:46:11PM
This hint is also very helpful when using teleport, a program that allows you to control multiple computers (w/ multiple monitors) with one keyboard and mouse -- kind of a virtual KM switch. I kept having the keyboard assistant come up when trying to run a headless machine with teleport. This hint took care of that. Thanks!

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10.4: Disable Keyboard Setup Assistant for KVM users
Authored by: rofthorax on Sep 25, '12 12:53:56PM


sudo chmod 755

Otherwise there could be a noticeable delay when your system tries to verify the mouse..

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