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About the new 10.4 (Tiger) hints Site News
Tiger only hint Below are the first nine Tiger hints; more wiil be published soon, of course, but not until Monday morning -- I need to get back home to my Tiger machine so that I can test a number of the other submissions.

Each hint is coded in two ways -- you'll see the graphic indicator next to each, as well as "10.4:" as the first part of the hint's title. This will make them easy to search on, and easy for non-10.4 users to identify.

As I did with 10.3, I've chosen to publish some 10.4 tips that are well documented -- given the newness of the system, I figure there's no harm in helping spread the word about certain cool features. You'll see that a bit in today's hints, as a number of them are probably documented somewhere. Hopefully you'll still find them interesting and useful. And so, without further ado, here's the beginning of the Tiger tips (starting at 6:01pm...)

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About the new 10.4 (Tiger) hints
Authored by: 3eyes on Apr 29, '05 06:35:36PM

ummm, where are the hints??

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Patience, patience...
Authored by: jiclark on Apr 29, '05 07:18:38PM

Notice he says "(starting at 6:01PM...)"

And FYI, that's PDT...

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That's odd...
Authored by: jiclark on Apr 29, '05 07:22:01PM

...I just noticed all the time stamps are an hour later than they should be. Weird, eh?

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That's odd...
Authored by: rawhead on Apr 29, '05 09:18:22PM

The Safari 2 RSS feed is showing the 9 new hints at Mac OSX Hints, but, when I click on the news item, I can't jump to it, telling me I have to login to my account to access the hint. Of course, I'm signed in. Heh.

All these moments will be lost in time
Like tears in rain.
Time to die.

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About the new 10.4 (Tiger) hints
Authored by: Cap'n Hector on Apr 29, '05 09:20:48PM

Wha? I can see hints in my RSS feed that I can't read on the site?

What's this Access Denied?

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Same Problem...Works Now
Authored by: pxlated on Apr 29, '05 10:00:50PM

I was having the same problem and left a all of a sudden it's working just fine.

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About the new 10.4 (Tiger) hints
Authored by: cxd101 on May 02, '05 09:59:24AM

After installing Tiger, my PHP went south on me. Here is the fix I used to get it restarted - thanks Jon B. for the hint. I had to go in as root (sudo -s) and edit the /etc/httpd/httpd.conf file. After I did the following edits and restarted the internal Apache server, PHP started working again.


#LoadModule php4_module libexec/httpd/
#AddModule mod_php4.c


LoadModule php4_module libexec/httpd/
AddModule mod_php4.c

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About the new 10.4 (Tiger) hints
Authored by: Peter Kappesser on May 03, '05 03:36:20PM

I wish there were a way to filter out all the 10.4-only hints for non-10.4 users. I've set my display preferences on the site to exclude the System 10.4 topic, which helps a little, but it looks like there are just as many in other topics. This makes it difficult to spot the hints NOT related to 10.4 that I'd be interested in. The best method seems to be to scroll down the page and look for the absence of the "10.4 Only" graphic.

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